Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Made It

Goals are some time hard to make. Not sure how hard or easy goals should be. If it was overly hard, wondering who would try to move forward in life.
If it was to easy. I could see it being one would not try to move forward.

I had a goal as for loosing weight. I want to be in or under the 215(97.55) and today weight in at T.O.P.S was 215.75 (97.8)
Well before next quarter my quarter weigh in will be a lease or less, 210 (95.2)

As I took Regis over to his cogitative therphy. I went for a short walk around the hospital.
Not much time with Liz. She has a doctor appointment over at our local hospital. It a consultation with a gastroenterlogist, and surgeon.

I was thinking of what age I'll be retiring. Longer I wait more I will receive. Here in united states one can retire at 62. It base on what you paid in and how many years you been in work force.
At my current wages and who know when raise will happen. Or what value of a dollar will be. But if I retire at 62 on my earning I will get about $620 a month.
But I'm thinking of waiting to I'm almost 63 and three fourths. should receive about a little over 800 a month.
Well basically I don't want to qualify for medicaid or combo of both medicare and medicaid. Doing personal care and dealing with medicaid I don't want to deal with them at all. Usual I just shake my head.
I don't want work or have a job that rules most of my day. There more to life then punching a clock.

Right now and it from 2017 maxium amount is $3,538 and if one get under $750 a month and if your over 65 years or older. Then we have a supplement insurance called SSI. But there limited resource one can have

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Both here and Australia, my two home bases, they keep shifting the goal posts and the nearer I get the further it moves; no pension support till 67...sigh... YAM xx

  2. Like Yamini says, pension support keeps shifting here, it depends now on what year you were born and which end of the year, like my friend Jennie who was born the same year as me, but in January, she got her pension when she turned 65. My birthday is in August so I had to wait until I was 65 1/2. Before then I had a part pension, a much smaller allowance because I retired at 61 with physical and mental stress.

  3. It does make a difference if you can last that bit longer, and see if you can at least last until there is some kind of rise in your pay.

  4. Nice that you 'broke the barrier' and lost some weight!

  5. Sounds like you have important decisions to make Dora, I'm sure you will make the right one ✨

  6. Go ahead and whatever it is, it'll sure turn out to be victorious!

  7. Don't make your goals too hard. Sometimes you need easy goals just to achieve something. Harder goals are for times when you have the fortitude to deal with them. At least, that's what I do for me.

  8. Weight-loss... a frustrating struggle, I know.
    62, that sounds awesome! 67-69 it is in Germany and I honestly doubt the gov will give us much. Retirees are collecting refundable bottles en masse today. And with all the refugees who keep coming and won´t leave... oh, my, I´m glad I cannot see the future today.
    Hope you can make a good decision, never knowing what really wil be next.

  9. It seems that no matter which country you live in the pension age is altering ...

    All the best Jan


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