Saturday, March 17, 2018

I Had Question

Earlier today I was going to ask on facebook or take opinion poll. The trouble I'm having is there only letting me two choice. Sometime in life we have a need for two answers to a question.
My question for poll is...Question time...How do you want to look?
1. Sexy
2. Rich
3. Healthy
4. Fun
5. Smart
6. Classy
I bet there plenty of more answer. I will figure it out.

I got my hair cut. I have to admit my last cut was hard to grow out. One of those cuts you need to grow out and start over.
When it comes to my hair I like a more of wash wear. Maybe once in while I rather put a little moousse and add little fun lift to it.
When I was younger I would spent hours on my hair. I had a major vain thing about my hair.
Wouldn't walk out either with my make up.
During high school I wasn't ready. I believe I had my make up on but my hair wasn't balance. One side had more or less curls then other.
I look at my mother and said "I can't go out like this my audience a waits me". In short of it...I was basicly toss out of the house.

Recently I start to put on little make up. My make up sure don't look like this...I find it intersting and fun. Two main reason why I wouldn't do this. The time factor and things are pretty simple and you would stick out like big sore thumb.

I got my self a smart phone. I got LG not expensive one. But I belive it will serve me just fine.
 I been using a flip phone and gave my old flip phone to my hubby.
I still want to get a fit bit. But that needs to wait we got some up coming bills.

So for now I'll use the one I bought though T.O.P.S it works fine.

I just did up my bullet journal for the up coming week. I usual draw one or two things. This week I drew a fig and put quote...I saw myself sitting in crotch of a fig tree, starving to death, just because I couldn't make up my mind which fig I would choose...
I need to do some up dating on my budget and finanical page.

It was nice and clear here in North Idaho

Coffee is on


  1. I am definitely on the wash and wear hair path. And no longer wear make-up. Like you, there was a time when I wouldn't go out of the house without it. Those days are gone. And I don't miss them.
    I think I would like to look healthy and happy.

    1. I've been joying this age of 58 quite well

  2. Starving in a fig tree because you don't know which fig to choose, that made me laugh.
    I don't care how I look when I go out, as long as I'm clean. I never wear make up, even when I was younger. I don't like how it feels on my face. I wore some for my wedding and my daughter's wedding, but not much.
    My hair is wash and wear while it is very short, but now it's getting longer the curls are wilder, so I smooth it down with extra conditioner. I'm putting off a haircut because I really hate all the tiny snipped bits of hair that fall inside my clothes and itch me.

    1. Older I get simple is usual the best policy.

  3. Hari OM
    Long, straight hair here, always worn up in chignon. Been the same for -almost - ever. Never worn much makeup either - just a bit of lippy and mascara when I was in the corporate life. As long as I am clean and tidy, I don't really care how the rest of the world thinks I appear... YAM xx

    1. Notice being clean is a few other answered as well.

  4. I’m trying to figure out how I, a “not much makeup” type, raised two daughters who never leave the house without makeup. Then I look at my sisters...and I understand I’m the maverick

    1. I was one who wouldn't leave the place with out just looking just so...I raise two son and my oldest one was quite vain when he was young. Called him Mr GQ when he was younger.

  5. I think as we get older less is best anyway Dora 😀 My daughter can take anywhere up to twenty minutes to get the make up just right.. I can be out the door in five! On your quizz list I'm going with 'healthy' with maybe a touch of fun thrown in 😀

    1. I spend more time having my morning coffee then getting ready to go out the door.

  6. But weren't we all like that in high school?

  7. Light make up and I usually straighten my wavy hair, I want to look healthy and then smart!

    1. If it takes more then 10 minute to primp away to long. Sound like your got your act together.

  8. As I've got older I just use a good moisturiser and then a little blusher and lipstick. Gone are the days of eye shadow mascara etc.
    To look healthy and happy is the goal ...

    All the best Jan


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