Sunday, February 25, 2018

Part Time Domestic Goddess

My ideal life would be work six months of the year, outside of the home. Plus make the same wages I do. Ok! A little more would be nice,
Then other half of the year have my time as a domestic goddess.

But I see all sort of crafty project people do. And I have to wonder how many actual have real jobs out side of the homes.

Not sure how long this would take. But I want to make a soup, stew, or chowder that start with each letter of the Alphabet.
So I'm starting with letter A. SPICED APPLE CHILI. I had this before and apple is nice touch to chili.

Both hubby and I like it. Well I did make some corn bread to go with it.
I ate one bowl with corn bread. I try to watch my portion. But I believe my hubby had 3 bowls.

I sat up my bullet journal for the month of March. Still have to set up my weather page and step page.
This is first time I did a cover page for the month. I don't see my self doing any more cover pages at this time.
I just don't have time.

Anyhow I thought this cover page was cute.

Did mostly chores around the place with hubby help. Also hubby and I went though  automobile insurance auction.  There not quite 300 vehicles going though on Tuesday. We found 9 that we are possible interested in.
My son Bart place of employment is pretty much next door will check them out on Monday. Having one vehicle is coming an inconvenient.

Off to work tomorrow. Not sure what going on Thursday evening Regis hip complete pop out his sock and it the same one he had an operation at end of January.
So our local hospital put it back in. So I got a call and it pop out once again today. Once again a trip to the hospital and a ride in ambulance twice.
His Orthopedic surgeon is down in Sandpoint. If it goes out again and ambulance is called there to take him to Bonner General hospital main reason his Orthpedic surgeon mainly works out of Sandpoint.
I can see where this could be getting old real old

Coffee is on


  1. I hope you get another car soon. Your March page is very pretty. Strange that Regis new hip keeps popping out, I hope that gets fixed properly.

    1. It getting pretty ole with hip and he real limted to what he can do

  2. Yes, it´d be awesome to work like that!
    Hmm, that sounds very yummy.
    Uh, that sounds bad with the hip!

    1. I'm looking forward to retirment, so maybe I can have me time

  3. Spicy apple with cloves is nice. I am really not so sure about apple with chilli.

    1. The apples were a nice add taste to chilli

  4. Hari OM
    Interesting idea to go with the alphabet - looking forward to seeing what this produces! We have got a heap of snow on its way again this week, so am not thinking spring just yet... and good grief, Regis needs that getting serious attention; no way that hip should be doing that! YAM xx

  5. Chili looks good.

    I’m not into crafts, but I agree, more time off to do the things we like would be incredible

    1. I can think of lot things I could do around the place. But it a fact a paycheck needs to come in

  6. Hip socket...? That just sounds painful. I can't...

  7. I pretty much suck at cooking, and fishing.


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