Saturday, February 17, 2018

One Change I Can Say I'm Not A Fan

Depends where one look on google about names of moons. February could be possible the "snow moon"
My major complain is putting on my winter boots.
Today Murphy and I clear our drive way of snow. He ran the blower and I did the place that blower can't get to like steps and such.

My clients need to get out and have bit of a social life. Finding something for them at reasonable cost. See both of there income is around $800 a month. Good place to put a link for EXCHANGE rate
And once or twice month. I'll treat them.
So I stop in and got some treats at SELKIRK SWEETS brought them and made a little coffee.
I know I grumble about the food choices. But we all deserve a few small pleasure in life.

I'm fairly sure everyone heard about shooting in Florida at one of there schools. Not sure why American are so hung up on SECOND AMENDMENT and it seem no one talks about the other amendments to our Constitution.
Well at this time I will only make a brief statement on guns...."They should have same types of rules of operating a vehicle."

Did up my bullet journal goals and plans for up coming week. Let me tell you mine sure isn't all that pretty. It's pretty dull.
To me one of the harvest things is cheak off items once I complete them.

Talk to my oldest and I ask him if he have any desire to live here, Bonners Ferry and simple answer is no. One of his favor word though high school was IDIOT
He was telling me he saw a job posting for this area, and it was for a heavy machine operator. It paid around $12 an hour and must have two year experience.
Well if the job is forty hour week and if there a spouse and one child this worker have a fairly good chance to get SNAP BENEFITS. And Idaho rate DEAD LAST IN WAGES
I know this is a little out date, but here is COUNTY BY COUNTY WAGES

The other day I was thinking I would like to be full time domestic engineer. And make some different home made soups.

Coffee is on


  1. You could decorate your bullet journal and make it pretty, checking off the tasks done is more important, but may be easier if the journal is nice to look at.

  2. Hari OM got me at soup! YAM xx

  3. You are so kind to your clients Dora, they are very lucky to have you. Yes, try different soups, there are so many yummy types!

  4. Soups are just great at this time of the year. Guess what we´ll have tonight? :-)
    Yes, once in a while you just need a treat, I agree. Lucky clients to have you!

  5. My daughter and another relative got into it on FaceBook over the Second Amendment. When it comes to discussing things with this particular relative, I've always said, "You might as well talk to the beagle." Anyway, he said he keeps a gun in his house because he has to protect himself. He says 911 is "too slow." But still, he should have a permit and the permit should state what kind of weapon he is licensed to carry. Why are we still arguing about this?

  6. There have got to be some fun free things to do in your area. Not that I'd know what those things would be, but I hope there are.

  7. I enjoy reading through the articles. I absolutely loved every little bit of this.

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