Saturday, January 13, 2018

Monday Could Of Been A Good Day

Was planning Monday to haul items to local thrift store. The pile I have in basement which I was going to use for yardsale.
Yard Sale didn't happen and isn't going to.
I thought it was do time to get rid of the stuff. So last Thursday I took in a small bag of items. Mostly purses.
So when I know I'm going into town and be passing one of our local thrift store. Hopeful I can remember to take something.

Going to blame it on the snow. It been a while since we had a chance to haul the trash to the dump. Well we use the transfer station. Which isn't all that far away.

After years medicaid gave us a raise and the company I work for is now give us a raise. For the longest time I was making $12.43 an hour and now up to $14.14 an hour
But most home care company in Idaho I know of pay under $10.00. Plus the company I work for gives us bonus twice a year.
Sometime I will figure out what I make with bonus and all, break it down by the hour.

Did a load of wash. Wash some coats and both of client smoke and a lot of time when I get off work I smell like an ashtray.
When I drive them some place they don't smoke in my car.
I can't tell them how they should live in there home. And I shouldn't.

Wrote out a few checks. You know those bills most people I know we get every month. Been telling Bill that I'm married and wish he wouldn't show up each month. To get him to leave I have to pay him off. Yes I'm being blackmail. So glad my hubby isn't the jealous type.

It been a while since I wrote to any of my pen pals. Although these letters won't be going out until Tuesday. Monday is Martin Luther King Holiday. Here in Idaho it called human right day.
I like to put a little bling to my letters and or envelopes. Both of these snail mail is staying in the United States, but going east of the Mississippi River.

Not sure why I like to have my meat cold. So for lunch I had cold fish. Then in a mug I mix a little cottage cheese with chili.

Dinner we tried a new dish. Chicken breast with goat cheese.

Coffee is on


  1. Ah, yes...our dear friend Bill, whose visits are not really welcome.

  2. Bill visits here too, but not every month. We get our bills every three months, so four times a year.
    It's good to finally get the stuff gone from your basement.
    I like my fish hot, with a little tartare sauce on the side, Other meats I can eat cold, but not fish, unless it's canned tuna.

  3. I would like it if all the bills arrived at the same time, they come in by dribs and drabs all month long.
    I have GOT to get some of my stuff sorted and out of here, but I start and then I kind of lose my enthusiasm ...

  4. I don't mind cold chicken and I like a cold meatloaf sandwich but I never thought to have cold fish! :)

  5. Hari OM
    I like that you still have proper penfriends; I used tobe so good at writing snailmail. Now I do find it a bit of an effort. I have quarterly visits from Bill. He's an expensive fellow. YAM xx

  6. Oh you made me laugh Dora, that bill sure does get around, I bet he's pretty well off with all that blackmail money 😀😀

  7. So glad your clients don't smoke in your car. But you're right, you can't tell them how to live when they're not in your car.

    Funny about Bill.


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