Sunday, January 21, 2018

Last Cup Of Coffee and Thinking

Yes, I'm finishing up my last cup of coffee of the day. Thinking what to post about. I'm back having trouble with my digestion system.
But I know I don't want to say much more about it. I have my doubt that anyone want to hear about it either.

I got all of my yule alter taken down. Clean it and bless it. Got one items up on it a "communion tea cup"
I haven't yet heard of any faith having any part not having some type of communion. And found two possible article might explain it better then me...NUMBER ONE and NUMBER TWO
No I don't do a communion ritual at home on daily thing. When I feel the need is warrant for it.

I even done some items out of salt clay. Last time I can recall working with salt clay. When I was in grade school.
Made 7 candle holders one for each color of rainbow. And parts for my god and goddess statue. Well I'll have to use some type of glue to hold the arm and such in place.
As for those wondering what I will be doing with the seven candles. I'm going to carve a positive word in each of the candle..Such as passion or even maybe healing.

I thought I was lucky that our kitchen container had exactly one cup of floor. Although I had to go into the pantry getting floor and replacing my floor.

My oldest son Sawyer and his wife stop in for a visit. It been a while since they been up. I'm thinking of going down next month for a few days.
Then hopeful some time last part of April and into May we can fly down and ride the train home. If we can work out the details.
Gave them there Christmas gifts. Both of them seem thrilled over the toys I got them. Yes I still give my son toys and there wives. Plus each of them a clothing item.

I've been looking for blue cotton fabrics so I can finish up Liz crochet rag rug. So I been looking though the thrift stores.
So I decided to stop in at THIS OLD TRUNK and check down in there basement and see what they had in there fabric choices.
Some great colors and design. I just can't see paying seven something a yard and it going on the floor. If it was under five then I would of consider getting fabric there.
In a lot of crochet rag rug I use old sheets.
Still working on the locker hook rug. I want to have it ready to take down to Oregon next month. Then I can move on to something else.

Yesterday when our local Pagan group meant and had Pizza. Part of there decor was an old bike. I recall riding on back fender of a bike.
Not saying one shouldn't take safety in consideration. I recall riding on the handle bars and having other ride on the handle bars, as I pedal down the street.
Crash on bike and never went to the doctor or was lucky to give a band aide for any scrapes and bruises. Now it seem for an owie we get some type of pill.
Question time...Are we coming a world of wussies?

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Heheheh... well, to some degree, I think it might be so! Parents can't seem to let kids just rough and tumble the way we used to.

    Interesting articles you linked up there Dora. In Hinduism we take thiirtham - a sweetened milk and water mixture - and prashaadam, which is usually some kind of fruit or for festivals, a sweet.
    YAM xx

  2. I think (because of the media showing kids getting hurt) that we don't want our kids to get hurt. But, yes, we are treating them like actual baby chicks ...

  3. Going down the street on a skateboard so fast the thing flipped - no head-/ellbow-/knee-protection and there were cars driving, too. (Mum never knew... I guess!)
    Kids these days? Glued to their cellphones.

    My Mum also gave us pressies still when we were adults. And we always loved it, too.

  4. I don't know salt clay at all. It is a wonder some of us survived childhood.

  5. We are becoming a world a wusses, kids these days don't do half the dangerous stuff we used to. I remember being at the beach all day on my own while dad was at work, crowds of other people there, so if I got in any trouble someone would have helped, I'm sure, but other things, riding my bike all over town, climbing trees and falling out, washing off the blood and climbing right back up again.

  6. I like the idea of seven candles with positive words Dora, excellent idea! Yes I think we are becoming a world full of wussies, and much lazier too, we have machines and robots to do so much of what we did by hand!

  7. I crochet rugs out of old sheets, too. I had a B & B that I closed a few years ago and I have too much of a depression mentality to toss all those sheets so I tore them up and balled them for rugs. Now for the time to get at making them. Ha

  8. What sort of toys do you get your son? Toys can be so fun. Of course, I consider stuff that plays with yarn (and yarn) to be toys, so...

  9. Great Post!! Love your blog.

  10. So sorry to read that you're back having trouble with your digestion system...
    Hope you can get it sorted.

    Are you maybe allergic to something?
    Have you changed any foods - or have manufacturers done so and you are not aware?

    Whatever it is feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  11. I think (because of the media showing kids getting hurt) that we don't want our kids to get hurt. But, yes, we are treating them like actual baby chicks ...



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