Sunday, January 07, 2018

It's Ok Let Your Duck Run Free

Yesterday I had my ducks in a roll and today my ducks are in semi order. There days we just have to let the river of life run a little wildly.

I've been working on anther tarot card the "Devil" and I decided I need to redo the devil. Actual this card is coming fairly easy to me. Two key words or phrase. I'm working with is a negative adjectives and adversary.
But key thing I did wrong is the size of my devil. He a little larger then need be.
I guess that what eraser is for.
Been working on both of rugs. I have to say I really like the way paisley prints, works in locker hook rugs. I could see even doing an entire locker hook rug in paisley prints.

The snow is melting. Which is fairly common in January. It's so cloudy and drewy. But notice it's stay light a little longer.
Lot of people have trouble justing to not much light during the winter monthes. Our sunrise is a little after 7:30 and sunset is 4:06, eight and half hours of light.
My birthday is next month. On that day which is the 12th Sunrise is at 7:00 and sunset is at 5;00, 10 hours of light.
I might as well put a link to SUNRISE AND SUNSET

I've been thinking how I want to do my Imbolc alter. I have for some reason want to work with SALT DOUGH CLAY
I'm sure I will come up with something.

Coffee is on


  1. ducks in a roll sounds like lunch: bread roll=sandwich. People who say "I always or I never" could be speaking true depending on what it is they always or never do. If they mean never leave the house without making the bed first, that's just a habit and nothing wrong with it, or if they always make the bed right after breakfast, again a habit and nothing wrong with it, But if they mean never do wrong or make a mistake, that's more suspect, same with someone who says they are always right, that just can't be, because we all make mistakes.

  2. Cool post, & thanks for dropping by! Singapore is a tropical country, so we love travelling to other winter countries to see snow. xoxo

  3. I’m not a winter person, this subzero weather is killing me. Looking forward to a January thaw.

  4. I have noticed the very slight lengthening of the day, it's not fast enough for me but we are almost gaining a minute a day now. I do love my sunshine and look forward to spring. Yes, already. It will take a while, haha.

  5. It gets light here at about 4.30 Dora, it's a pair I the neck because it wakes me up and that's it! I'm looking forward to our days getting shorter ☺ the grass is always greener right ☺

  6. Wow, short days. I was complaining when our sunsets were at 4:45. We've finally hit 5 PM sunsets. (Sunrise is now just before 7 AM.) The lower latitudes are good for something ;)

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  8. I'm one of those people who need the light. Living in the tropics is perfect for me - just about equal amounts of light and dark all year round.

  9. Sounds like you are keeping busy. Visiting my Dad in Idaho Falls in the winter, the days are just not long enough.

  10. I dislike that dark half of the year, too.
    Dark and cold is not for me...


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