Saturday, December 09, 2017

Not All Is Totally Dispointment

Didn't make it to Medford. Some how I mis-book my flight. Then the issue with the back house trots and this is first day of real real relief, the day isn't done.
So we were going to fly down on the 14th but once we thought about it, it just wasn't all of that bright of an ideal.
The schools will be starting to let out for the holidays, I'm afraid finding a flight might not work out. I love my children I don't want to wear out my welcome.
Now I'm not sure when exactly we will be going. I thought the first part of the new year would be good. But it looks like Sawyer and Betty will be coming into Spokane, that month for a visit.

Christmas shopping is coming along nicely. A few minor addition I need to make for my client Christmas children gifts. To me it real important to be fair.

I order some items from Amazon and I thought I would order and witches almanac. There plenty of them out there. So I went with 2018 Witches companion an Almanac for Contemporary living.
Not impress with the calendar part at all. But most of it looks like it has some pretty interesting chapters and or articles.
Last one caught got me curious. Counting the dark side: Finding Balance Between Light and Shadow. Making friends with your shadow.

Murphy and I'm heading to Sandpoint to do some Christmas shopping and other errands. I haven't finish up getting items for my youngest family.
I was looking on line to see what I can get Molly and she wears a small to get some ideals. Both of my son wears a meduim.

Coffee is on 


  1. Counting the dark side: Finding Balance Between Light and Shadow. Making friends with your shadow. - This sure does sound like an interesting chapter.

  2. Me and my shadow are very good friends. She goes everywhere I do :)
    I know the book means a different kind of shadow, the dark side of yourself, but I thought you'd like a smile at me trying to be funny.

    1. Ever one has a dark side and light side. But we all have will power to keep thing in line

  3. My MIL got bad sick last week and that has thrown Christmas out of whack. We don't have jack for anybody.
    Take care!!

    1. It been a minor setback, but being ill usual does.

  4. It’s the worst getting sick this time of year. Hope your feeling much better soon and all your plans come to fruition

  5. Balance Between Light and Shadow sounds very interesting.
    Hope your plan works out!

    1. So do I. But when I get to ideal of light and shadow who know when that would happen

  6. Coffee is on sounds to me like the best greeting ever. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  7. Hello!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog: Lea's Menagerie
    I have been Christmas shopping, too. Went to Memphis yesterday. I found Body Butter (rich, creamy hand lotion) at Fresh Market at a great price: buy one, get one free! Every lady on my list will get one, plus another gift yet to be decided.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. I've been thinking off getting my son mother in law some type of lotion.

  8. Thanks goodness our kids are gone, and none want gifts from us. Bud and I don't exchange gifts either, so no shopping for us. I like just being alive and enjoying the holiday. No stress.

  9. You misbooked your flight? When Mercury is retrograde? Gee, what are the odds? ;)

    Have you seen the Llewellen witches almanac? I like that publisher, but I'm not sure how it stacks up versus what you're used to.


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