Monday, December 11, 2017

I Now Know Who's The Guilty Party

I misbook my flight, and I'm 97% sure I haven't yet mail in my last progress notes in. I don't like to look like a fool. But I'm honestly thinking of calling the company and ask if they receive my last set of progress note.
See it been a crazy last week with horrible back house trot and Mercury in retrograde. But still I can think of one more place to look is in my car.

It been some what a ruff at work. Liz son got send to prison and it not easy on her. I don't believe it would be easy on any parent.
Let me restate that...He was sent to Prison to be held and waiting a bed at some rehab place. Well he been diagnose with schizophrenia, and refuse to be on medication.
Off and on he been aggressive with his mom. But I haven't had any trouble with him.
I don't know if it feasible or not. That someone be court order to take medication. No one been kill or hurt by him. But it only time.
Hopeful this time he will wake up.

I got my odds and ends of gifts for Regis grandson. We got them boxed up, but he couldn't fine his son address. They seem to have a good rapport and he should be getting hold of his dad.
Then with Liz it seem to be anther story. Her two other kids haven't yet contact her on the address.
Well I'm still waiting for one more item. Which I will pick up Thursday from my friend Qunella.
Can't do any more then that.

I was planning to crochet on my rag rag. But I need to sew a ball of fabric to end piece. My sewing foot is my bag, and that in my trunk of my car.
Well I'll work on my locker hook rug. As I watch star trek.

Coffee is on


  1. I doubt you'd look like a fool if you called the company. We all have those times when we can't quite be sure we did something or not. Calling to check on it wouldn't hurt. (Especially since you're not constantly calling them about this. If it was a habit, then you'd look like a fool.)

    Ah, the joys of Mercury retrograde...

    Sorry about Liz. That would be tough to have a kid in prison, no matter what the reason. I hope that works out soon.

  2. Ah! missed your blog. I have been away from the blog-world, and after coming back, I have been trying to catch up with all the old blogger-buddies.

    Sent into prison for not taking medications!! That's horrible and ridiculous. It's only possible in our good old USA!! Not possible in any other first world, developed country. They should not have to find a bed in rehab but those should already be in place, and should be in plenty. A person with such disability should be taken proper care of, and not sent to prison. We all start the need to fight all these injustices, and lack of structure. Start by writing to the Congress-men/women, senators, starting a petition at Gosh!!!

    1. I thought prison is pretty bad place to keep the mental ill. But he still needs to be accountble for his action

  3. I'm always checking my sent box at work to make sure that I sent something to somebody.

    Here in Oklahoma, we closed the asylums and put all the patients on the streets, and now they are in jail. And jail is more expensive than an asylum.

    1. I just shake my head how our world handles the mental ill.

  4. I would follow up on the flight booking. I am sure you were very careful when you made the booking. It is sad when sons and daughters disconnect from their parents, but sometimes there are reasons.

    1. My daughter in law re-book it for sometime next year

  5. KL, he wasn’t sent to prison for not taking his meds, he was sent to prison because of his violent behavior and criminal acts, which happened because he refuses to take his meds. The system had to put him somewhere, and since there aren’t enough beds ...

    Sorry it’s been a bad week for you, Dora. Bad week for me, too. Let’s hope things get better soon.

    1. This person who was sent to prison, always refuse medication and I believe his life would be much easier...I feel sorry for the mental ill.

  6. Sorry you have had such a rough week. Hope things improve soon.

  7. Hari Om
    Hi Dora - missed a couple of posts as I was away to Edinburgh; sorry to read that it hasn't been the best of weeks for you. I just got back to 'the hutch' to discover the heating has broken down completely - and it's minus six out there! Hey ho... onward we go, isn't it? Star Trek really helps! YAM xx

  8. Hopefully things will get better soon Dora ✨


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