Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Race Horse Dream

Dream that my husband and I own a race horse a dark bay with one of the hind leg with white below the ankle.
He was at a stable painted white with  very light touch of gray. The roof was a dark green with also a touch of gray.
This horse was name Edition and it won a lot of races, and was in the winner circle a lot. But leading the horse around the barn area. I secretly want him not to come in first. I told Edition that it would be ok to place 2nd or 3rd. This way we still be in prized money. But not in the winner circle. And I would be more comfortable.


  1. I wonder what the dream interpreters would say about that.

  2. What do you think this dream means?

  3. That is a weird dream. Do you have any connection with horses?

  4. Oh, ho ho! You don't like being the center of attention...

  5. Maybe the dream means you will be lucky soon.

  6. Hari Om
    I agree with Liz A's view on this one! YAM xx


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