Saturday, November 04, 2017

No Picture Just Words.

I thought I would give a chance to post during the week. But work both inside of the home sure takes energy out of one self.

One of my facebook friends made comment about the Russian Group, PUSSY RIOT and I forgot about this group.
Opinion time...Our President Trump and Russia President Putin is from the same pod. Don't think either one want to benefit there country own people.
Trump wants to take us to what we once called the GILDED AGE and for the Russian People it would be there called, TSARIST AUTOCRACY I believe.
President Trump propose tax plan. In my life experience this sort of taxes of trickle down economics. Remember President Reagan and his taxes, and the middle class start to struggle then.
Usual who benefits from this is the big stock holder and currently the new age robber barons.
Not saying one should pay there taxes and support there government. I thought I wouldn't be saying this...but we need some type of flat tax rate. I understand there still income here in the United States shouldn't be paying taxes. Opinion time...The first $44, 376 per house hold should be ducted and $9,007 per person. Anything after that one should pay 20% of there income. 
Now there the corp taxes. Maybe that should be looked and ran like personal income taxes.

It snowing. And last night it got down to 3 (-16) and that's cold. In perfect world I like about 6 inches of snow. No more less and stay perfectly white.

In little while our pagan group Spairfitera will be going to KOOTENAI BREWERY for our shoot the breeze outing. We were going to have a small circle up at cemetery and our high priestess had a seizure. So the circle been cancel.
I hope it nothing to serious.

One thing us pagan basically have 8 celebration and now I wonder which is the best time to set up the proper alter for each. I'm thinking the new moon would be best. But for yule would the new moon in November or December would be best. I bet I will split the difference.

Did a little shoveling snow out to the mail box. So I could get my pay check and I won't deposit it until Monday morning.
Good exercise and it will burn calories.

Coffee is on


  1. Taxes are a nightmare whichever country you live in. The rich get away with paying too little (or none) and the rest of us suffer and pay up because there's a fine for not paying.

  2. Hari OM
    Taxes are bigly discussed here at the moment too; constantly governments attempt this and constantly they fail. Taxes in principle make sense, a common purse is only fair... but it's the ones handling that common purse we need to turn our sights upon... have fun in that snow! YAM xx

  3. Taxes. Crazily high over here, too.
    OMG -16?! And snow?! Oh, my....

  4. I agree. A flat tax would be ideal.


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