Tuesday, November 21, 2017

If I Could Blink and The World Would

I might be sounding like I'm placing a noose around my own neck. If I could blink and my client life could be easier I would even if it means loosing my own job.
To be quite honest I like them in there own way.
I been worried about Liz. Her youngest son is going to some type of rehab program. It could last 6 months to 2 years depending how well he does.
Now her and I went to Sandpoint and we stop in at Good Will she brought a Christmas tree. Which made me happy that she planning for a future.

Every Christmas I'm not a big spender and part of my holiday budget I figure for those who are less fortune them I. So this year I'm going to get a little something for each of Liz grand kids. I don't recall how many she have, but I know there all boys and the oldest one 8.

As I was over looking though the good will I usual look at the size 12 and dream a bit that I might once again wear. It actual sort of got me down. Depends on how the clothes are design and cut. I wear usual 1x, or woman size 18.
Gee depends how one want to count the size. 3 to 4 sizes. I should be looking maybe at the size 16.
I was up a pound. The strange thing I have the tools to loose weight and I don't. I know the heath risk.

Looks like a quite Thanksgiving one side of me I'm a little sad and the other hand it will be relief just having simple dinner with my hubby. Not sure what he going to do but I'm think of Turkey noodle soup, instead of the entire nine yards.

Coffee is on


  1. Nice that you're gifting to your clients.

  2. It might be nice to put a little effort into your Thanksgiving for just the two of you, just not over the top.

  3. Hari Om
    I'm with Andrew - you and hubby could really treat each other - just a little. Blessed day to you, whatever you decide is on the menu! YAM xx

  4. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving - losing weight is a very hard thing - it's a lifelong battle, sadly, in my opinion. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. It's nice you're buying tings for Liz grandchildren.
    I'm down a few pounds but still can't fit into my jeans.

  7. You sure have a tough job - nice that you buy pressies for the kids.
    We don´t celebrate Thanksgiving and I never in my life had such a Turkey, it´s no German thing, I only know it of movies.
    Anyways: Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Losing weight should be the easiest thing Dora but it really isn't it's so hard to always do the right thing. I hope you are feeling better after your fall the other day, I bet that gave you a fright! Anyway Happy Thanksgiving, it's a very nice thing you are doing for your friends grandchildren ✨

  9. Happy Thanksgiving....

  10. I think that's so nice you are buying things for Liz's grandchildren.

    Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

    All the best Jan


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