Saturday, November 11, 2017

Hookie Dookie Spin A Bottle and Your a Frog

In the comment section in yesterday blog. I was ask about being a pagan in small town. It does have it problem. Not people getting into your business, but possible if your employed or running a business it could bring on problem.
There place for most thing in life. Statement time...I find it stremly rude to bring your political or religious view to work and family events.
Now we have social media to that.
There a local church who found out later that we were discussed. And nothing more as far as I know.
Maybe they think someone in our local pagan group is going to cast spell and turn them in to a purple frog. I sure hope they like purple. I hate to see people disappointed.
Anyhow a spell is a prayer

The dinner was ok at the assembly god church. Next weekend is our community Thanksgiving dinner, not sure if I'm going or not.
Our pagan group is heading south to SPIRIT LAKE. Sort half way between Bonners Ferry, and Spokane.
Trying to gather all the pagan groups and see if we could pull off a PAGAN PRIDE in our local area.

Then mid December we will have our ritual for Yule or the Winter Equinox. Part of our circle we're going to do the wheel of the year. Pagan celebration. We have 8 of them though out the year. I'll be doing Imbolc anther name ground hound day. I call it rattling of mother earth.

Organize some of my fabric. Look like I need some type of tote to put it in. Also put Christmas gifts in corner of guest room.

#7 of the 30 days of gratitude...What memory are you grateful for....As some of you may know my dad and my relationship wasn't always good...But he and my mother taught me others might have a lot worst then you...So every year my dad and I would go to down Spokane and do some Christmas shopping and part of the shopping. He would let me pick a Toy for a needy child, and of crouse he paid for it. Still until this day I still will pick up a toy for needy child.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Ooohh yes, my mother always ensure we put something at the base of the department store 'giving tree'. In Australia I continued this tradition, but I have not seen such a tree here in Scotland. Instead, I ensure a $$$ gift to a the Barnardo's Homes Charity for orphans. It is so important to think of community, even when in our own strife. It helps us as much as others. YAM xx

  2. I think the lack of knowledge people have about other belief systems is shocking.

  3. The relentless pushing of political views was why I gave up on Facebook - family members wouldn't do that to my face, and it was rude on social media too.

  4. I'm so with you on that one! You have a right to believe whatever you want and so does everyone else. It shouldn't be in the public domain.

  5. "Maybe they think someone in our local pagan group is going to cast spell and turn them in to a purple frog. I sure hope they like purple. I hate to see people disappointed."<--LOL

  6. Turning someone into a purple frog? I can't believe some people still think that way.

  7. Certainly, it should go without saying.... Each person is free to believe what they choose. And... Even... To not believe any of the things, there are to believe in.

    Luna Crone


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