Tuesday, October 03, 2017

With Out A Script

Action, roll um. Weight lost was good this pound and quarter off. In this book they talk about planning. During outing I actual do ok. But I plan what I'm going to eat and even from the goodies table.
But I notice in every day life I don't plan when it comes to eating.
Mostly with Liz when we're out in about and nothing major goes wrong. I will reward my self or penalize my self with food.
Confession time...In pass I thought of retaining a lawyer. I figure sooner or later with her acting like a crazy lady. Some one would be calling some law enforcement agency.
I have to give cootos to her therapist and social worker. I know I had a hand in getting her moving in the right direction. So team effort.
When it comes to weight lost. I notice I need to constantly cuing my self.
Regis bought whoopers, malt ball. Love them. So I before I did his dishes I had four and afterward four. That what I plan and that what I did.
When I take lunch I plan to put in four items. Today was a chicken wing, lemon yogurt. carrot sticks, and bag of m and m's. They where the large bags so I dump half of them out and ate them by color. The other half is still in my lunch. I will eat the other part tomorrow.
I guess it true what they say about. If you fail to plan you will fail.

I had plan to take in my lap top grab the cord. But I took off this morning with out my purse so no driver liaison. And no money.
I took Regis to his appointments and after we stop in at local thrift store.
This thrift store don't deal with bank cards. I thought this would be blessing for me, I couldn't get anything this way.
Well I was looking though the fabric stack and I mange to fine some. Which will work into my up coming quilt.
The bank was just across the parking lot. I've been using the same back for years and all the people who works there knows me.
Well I pulled out 22 dollars. The items from the thrift store was 11 something. And I end up getting ten back and some loose chance.
So I went and put ten bucks worth of fuel in my car, and bought a scratch ticket. It been year or so since I purchase a lottery ticket.
Not much of gambler. Is like gun I'm not anti or pro. Same with gambling.

Well I need to head up stair and help Murphy with dinner. Fish tonight. He got the boards for the railing on deck.
This morning it was just below freezing.
One last thing Liz did get her apartment.

Coffee is on


  1. I'm glad Liz got her apartment.
    just below freezing there, and we have 82 degrees warm.

    1. This place that Liz got will be much better and her rent will be cheaper.

  2. Sounds like a busy day. I hope dinner was good.

  3. That doesn't sound very much for lunch, but if it satisfies you, ok.

  4. I find planning ahead of time - packing my lunch, making sure I've got healthy food ready made in the fridge - very helpful in making sure I'm eating healthy. It's usually when time is short that I eat the worst.

    1. I think most people is better to plan

  5. You had quite the busy day. I know that feeling when you discover you forgot your purse. Women are so used to carrying purses that it feels really empty without them. So glad you had such a happy, weight-loss day.

    1. So glad I didn't get pulled over. Like I do anything to call attention to my self.

  6. Yeah, another busy day.

    I belong to a group, we all through in a few dollars and use the money to buy Powerball and Megamillions tickets.

    1. When the powerball and the Mega Million is above 100 million I'll get a ticket, can't live on any thing less

  7. Hi Dora ~ thanks for visiting ~ your post pulls at my heart ~ is this a for real post or just you being humorous? None of my business ~ but you are precious 'child of the universe' ~ and food addictions can destroy your health not to mention your spirit ~ just saying ~

    I try to take one day at a time with everything ~ not that I don't plan I do ~ I learned a long time ago to treat myself well and that means what I put into my body ~ for food ~ and to treat my mind and spirit well. Please be gentle with yourself ~ xox

  8. Hari OM
    Woohooo for Liz; and for your support of her. Planning is always good, but some flexibility in case those plans go awry is also beneficial. YAM xx

  9. Quite an accomplishment, helping Liz get a place of her own.


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