Thursday, October 19, 2017

Titter Tatter Around The Place

Pretty Much got Liz move out of her old place. As I was moving her I got wet from the rain. So I got slightly chilled.
And I'm having trouble warming up. But the good thing I don't have sore Thort or mussel.
So what left she can pretty much mange on her own. Opinion time...The only thing what left in the pile there I would put some effort to get is the vacuum.
The few other items can be easily replace from a thrift store

As those who read my post as many know I've been going over to Troy. Last time I took a short walk up Callahan creek.

Since I didn't real go to work. I did stop at Regis and made a phone call and took him to the store.
I know I wasn't even there an hour.

So I just tittered around the place. Clear off my dinning room table. I swear it has a magnet on it and things just sticks to it.

Since I was home, I posted our accua in our local facebook group "for sale" It does have some issue. I just want it out of the yard. I found this car uncomfortable.

Most of my fabric I fine at local thrift store and other bargain places. So today I press out some fabrics and cut out 8 inch squares for the quilt I'm working on.
I got the four colors cut out for Sawyer and Betty locker hook rug.

Our next pagan general gathering and meeting. I'm going to lead the group. We're each going to make a tarot card and write a store using a three of the cards.
I just got my papers written up that I will be give each person. I still need to type it up. And it could be put in there Book Of Shadow, and even part of my blog could be use as book of shadow.

I'm almost done with my miso broth and I need to get back to titter and tattering around the place.

Coffee is on


  1. It looks like your skies are as clear as mine. No smoke blowing up from California?

    I'm never happy with the fabric I get at thrift shops. I just wait for sales.

    A book of shadow sounds interesting. Will you cast a release of the car?

  2. Looks like it was a beautiful walk.

  3. Good that Liz is almost settled now. That creek looks pretty with the autumn trees in the background.

  4. Great scenery up in your neck of the woods.

  5. Hope you were able to take care of your titter and tattering. Have a great weekend.


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