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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Can Handle It

I'm at the local library using there computer. Finish up with Regis and latter on I will head over to Liz. But first she has appointment with her therapist.

I'm having a little trouble trying to figure what to actual blog about. Well last evening I drove over to Troy for my quilting class.
I know people including my self does play a roll on world stage. I notice the ladies in this quilting class seem to have the income to purchase fabric and large amounts at retail prices.
Murphy and I have a queen size bed and one can pick up fabric for $10 a yard locally. And a good around figure is 7 yards. And the reason I say 7 yards, I like some hang on my quilt. So for me I would estimate 8 yards. And I haven't figure out batting or anything else.
I'll let you figure the cost of doing a Quilt. It could easily be over a $100.

Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S group I was up a half a pound. Gee I thought I was doing such a good job this week.
I'm not sure what went wrong. But there always the next three seconds. One can start moving forward to a better life.

I wear an pedometer and I notice I could and should get a few more steps in. So I make it appointment to park a little father away so I can get those extra steps in. As Regis was at his appointment I did mange to get a short walk in.

I like to get up between 5 and 7 in the morning. In my neck of woods I notice that the sun is coming up shortly before 8 in the morning.

Gee no more political and spiritual talk. I'll leave it at that before I get into trouble.

Coffee is on 


  1. My tendency is to wake up around seven; these days it's still dark around then.

    1. Not look for when we set our clock back

  2. It's amazing how expensive it is to make it yourself these days.

    1. It would be better if our wages would go up as well

  3. Probably $100 isn't too bad for a quilt, I've seen ready made ones in shops for over $400.
    Getting in extra steps isn't always easy, sometimes you just have to sit down, but parking further away and walking in is a good start. I sometimes get off the bus a stop or two early and walk the extra distance to home.

    1. This is for just fabric, I never consider the batting, thread, or the other side.

  4. I have no idea about wool prices, I always buy things finished :)

  5. I usually get up around 6 am, sometimes earlier. I get more things done if I am up earlier. Have a beautiful day!

  6. Hari OM
    I love the early morning... but I also love the wee-small hours when all is dark and still.... YAM xx

  7. When I used to commute from my home on Long Island into Manhattan, I’d be on a train by 7:20 in the morning. This time of year I’d be leaving the house around sunrise. I never liked that. I’m much happier working close to home, if I’m up with the sun it’s because I want to be.

  8. It's a fact that hobbies can be expensive these days Dora.. I'm just glad photography has gone digital, imagine the cost of photographic film and developing! Don't be discouraged by the few lbs put on, you'll be due to lose it this week with those extra steps ☺

  9. So sad the days are getting so short!
    Walking is always a good idea :-)


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