Thursday, September 21, 2017

We're Stronger Then We Think

Ask Liz to take a photo of my tarot cards I made, yes my art work looks like middle grade school. But I'm doing it.
Well I thought I was pretty creative. But I saw an exercise to do with tarot cards...draw three and do write a story from these three cards...a little creative writing assignment.

The people in Bogus had once thought everyone should be same and even personality should be the same. So they thought every one should look a like. Everyone whore Olive green from head to toe. And even wore Olive tint glasses and all the world looked the same. But everyone chain that was tethered with a invisible chain as they went thought life. Although it might been seen but some chain was longer then others. But one thing if you look as people move around with there chains some had and easier time moving then others.
But the key was found to un-locked the shackles and push up the gate. No one in Bogus even knew there was mill of life. People had different way of seeing the world.
But soon that everyone had a part to play to make the mill wheel turn. And everyone part has equal importance even if it all isn't the same
Since the people of Bogas took off the chains and start to ask question and wonder about things in there life and the world it self. They have became stronger in so many ways.

I knew I did a story once before basic on there cards. Then anther time I start a short stories life Bogus. Simple fact I don't recall people or place name in the stories.

Now back to reality of life. Murphy and I did some home improvement, trying to winterize around the doors. Well the side door went fairly easy but when it came to the front door complete anther story.
Weigh in was dispointed, trying and it struggle about keeping on track of loosing weight. I got book on blood type diet. I don't know if one eats by your blood type makes any difference or not.

Coffee is on


  1. Can't believe your blood type can make a difference in your metabolism. There are countless ideas and books 'out there', but I think it's simply a case of calories in, calories expended, and diet books are a way to make money off people who want an easy fix.

    1. It seem mostly ground beef bothers my stomach. Calories in and out is important but moving more couldn't hurt

  2. Perhaps the book will instruct you to drain some blood out to lose weight.

  3. I loved the story about Bogus

  4. My daughter once had a book on blood type diet. I think I will see if she still has it and read it, I think it will be interesting. I think a better idea is to find out where your ancestors came from and what type of diet was natural for them in that part of the world. On my mother's side, my ancestors are Swedish, so if I follow that idea, I should be eating mostly fish and berries with a few nuts, and rye bread instead of white bread. Well, I already eat the rye bread unless the shop has sold out, then I buy white bread and I notice I feel better when I eat rye bread.

    1. I'm blood type A and there not to eat beef. I notice I do a lot better if I omit ground beef out of my diet.

  5. Hari OM
    River is onto it... the ayurveda instructs that one ought to 'eat of one's country'; this means whatever one can 'farm' for oneself or eat of local produce at the very least and according to the tradition of your 'tribe'. It is to do with the genetic trait for digestion.

    I loved your story about the people of Bogus - a simple and effective message! Blessed equinox to you Dora. YAM xx

  6. Very nice with the cards.

    I tried out the blood type diet a few years ago. What's your blood type? I remember the basics. I knew someone who swore by it, but it didn't make much difference for me. (Then I had an actual scan done and found that things that the blood type diet said I shouldn't have were okay via the scan. Whatever works, right?)

  7. Hmm. Why would your blood type be important?
    I know that some people can digest fat better than others.
    I think in the long run you just have to work off more than goes in.

    1. There been a few books written on diet base on your blood type. Some tribes or groups base on blood type has easier time digesting foods then others...For me ground beef sits in my stomach like a rock...But I love a mushroom, bacon, swiss cheese burger...Coffee is on


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