Monday, September 04, 2017

Stop Thief

Yes. I'm a thief. It might sound fairly simple to fix. Still can't get into my yahoo e mail. The other is to get some my own photos up.

Plenty of wildfires close to us. I understand they had to evacuated the YAAK and LIBBY Montana. 

We're surround by mountains. Can't see a one of them not even the foot hills. Well I should mention that the Vietnam Veteran Memorial came though town.
Because of all smoke and fire. Plans were for them to stop well it didn't happen.

So Murphy and I took a trip up to Myrtle Creek area up in the Selkirk Mt's. A lot cooler and it wasn't smokey then.
I brought some of my crafts. Didn't anther crochet dish cloth and accidentally started a wallet. I was going to make a locker hook trivet. But I miss cut my rug canvas and now I'm attempting to make a wallet.
Plus did a chance to get a short hike in.

I did get a chance to hide some rocks. Went out and hide these letters which spell "DELAWARE" and it was our first state, well my clue was "donuts'. Some place I hid one letter and then some place I hid two letters.
So any place that has anything to do with possibility of donuts I hide a rock. Even a place that sell flour. "Donuts has flour, right"

There a fall rock challenge and I know I won't get all of them done. But I start a coral one with a starfish. The other one will be related to health and fitness.
These are paint on fairly smaller rocks. 
I want to send these down to Sawyer and Betty. One I've had done for a while a heart with "North Idaho" written on the rock.
I want them to hide it in there community. The other two I want them to take on there trip and leave it some place. There talking about going over to North Africa.

Liz took the photo of my letter rock and the other photo I got off the net. 

Coffee is on


  1. I didn't know there was such a thing as a Rock Challenge, it's a wonderful idea.
    Nice of Liz to take your photo for you.

  2. Is it real smoky there? How far are you from the fires? Stay safe!

  3. Wildfires sure are very scary!
    But "...and accidentally started a wallet.." really made me grin big!

  4. I have read where a few people are doing the rock challenge, not sure if anyone is doing it here.

  5. Oh dear, stay safe. Those fires look ferocious.

  6. Oooh, pictures. Sorry Yahoo is being a pain. That fire looks scary.

  7. So many dreadful disasters happening in the US Dora, hopefully all over soon. Thanks for all the ideas for rock painting ☺

  8. I like the idea of the rock challenge. Those fires! YIKES! Those hurricanes!! More YIKES!!!!!

  9. You got a hike in despite the smoke? I'm afraid to go more than a couple of blocks in it. I come back with burning lungs. I've got a face mask on order, but couldn't find anything in town.

    They also evacuated Seeley Lake and parts of Lolo.

  10. Hari OM
    Crikey, the weather everywhere is completely nuts... I just had a few days away with a pal and we had to wear coats and hats and carry brollies everywhere, which we never expected to do. I guess we are getting the peripheral effects of the hurricanes (it tends to happen that way with UK weather)... but at least we don't get those dreadful fires. I put up with those when living Down Under. Stay safe... YAM xx

  11. A friend of mine living in Colorado reported that her son's been having breathing problems because of the smokey, polluted air there. Hope you're doing okay.

    Re the "thieving": I think if you credit the photographers or websites where you found the photos you use, the people concerned will be less likely to be upset.

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