Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Oh I Do Like But

In this book I'm currently reading on write diet. There one chapter they talk about comfort. Confession is a comfort to me. Growing up there was quite a bit of strife between my dad and I. But for some reason there was no strife at the table.
When meal was eaten we ate with great conversation and no religious or politics was brought up. And my dad never use the words arrogant, belligerent, and obstinate at the table. But other times he freely use these words when he spoke to me.
My mother demanded civil behavior ate the table.
So trying to figure how many time I possible use food still as crutch or drug to dull what every on my plate.
 T.O.P.S Pledge...I am an intelligent person.
I will control my emotions,
not let my emotions control me.
Every time I am tempted to use food to satisfy my frustrated desires,
build up my injured ego or dull my senses,
iI will remember—
I Will Take Off Pounds Sensibly.
At persent time my body isn't comfortble. Carrying this extra poundage around. I know it just not healthy. If I even drop fourth of my added fat. I would be able to move a lot freeier. Confession time...I mange to get up and down off the floor but it would be a lot eaiser if I drop 10 pounds. 
But all in all so far I've done ok. Lot of time when I go into a store I will purchase a snack and real don't reason why. Majorty of the time I'm not even hungrey. I'm giving my self permission or a reward for not falling part at work. 
I been a member of T.O.P.S for not quite ten years and just recieve my membership dues. I should of been down to my goal weight a long time ago. I don't need to loose like a 100 pounds.

Regis and I checked out two of our local thrift store. I found a few items one was a knex set and I paid just under $3.00 for it, and it going to be one of Sawyer Christmas gift.
Not sure what the rest of my day will look like for work. Liz got her appointment for her apartment inspection, tommorow at ten. I'm hoping she will coming into to town and spend the night at her brother in law Regis. She absoltute isn't a morning person. I'm some what worried she will sleep though and miss her appointment. So some where between 8:30 and 9:00 I'm going to be her alarm.
As I was saying I was talking about comfort in our lives. Well when I was at our local thrift store. There was a beautiful yellow table cloth. I like table with a tablecloth and with center piece. Not sure why but it gives me since pride and comfort. Well usual my table is full of clutter. 
There a few small chores I need to take care of.
Coffee is on


  1. I should lose some weight, too. No will power, what so ever! I reward myself with stuff, not food. I do not need it.

  2. I know what it's like to have a hard time getting up in the morning. How nice of you to help her out like that.

  3. I like a nice polished table with a pretty tablecloth on it, but I only have the one table and I do everything here, eat, read, sew, blog. It's a bit of a mess because there is nowhere else to out the stuff I keep on it.
    Very nice of you to be Liz's alarm clock. I hope she gets the apartment.

  4. Food is absolutely a comfort for me too.

  5. Hari OM
    Yup, I'm a comfort foodie too... I have a red gingham tablecloth I am rather partial to keeping on my kitchen table... YAM xx

  6. The tablecloth sounds pretty

  7. I know all about cluttered tables. I haven't seen the surface of my dinning room table in months. It's under my husband's junk.

  8. I think as we get older we all seem to have those extra pounds to get rid of Dora, and as you say it's not a lot but we would feel so much better without them ☺ I like the sound of your new tablecloth, yellow is an uplifting colour!


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