Friday, September 29, 2017

Looking For That Word.

Change can be usual beneficial. Wash in the wash machine, so I decided to post now. Before my day of adventure starts.
I'm sure having trouble with words. Just short time ago I'm trying to find that special little word to use. But it just not coming to me, quite. Confession time...I don't want to sound  ludicrous.  

Last evening we had our general gathering for our pagan group, Spairfiterea. Finish up on healing.
I really doubt if we can all be heal from everything in our life. You know there the physical healing. But there emotional healing, mental healing, and even spiritual healing. I'm betting my self I've miss some.
I have trouble with ideal one is heal with a snap of finger. There doubt in my faith.
I do believe we do have to the tools to heal our self. But we might not know how to use them, but we can learn to use what we have or gain.
Certain things or times in our life we might not heal from. Such as certain diseases.

Well next month I'm going to lead assignment on tarot. I'm working on writing the paper that I will be passing out, at our next gathering
The hardest part for me is. Not to go on and on. I want it brief and easy to understand. There time we make to much of certain things in our life, including me.

Still planning to do the assigment from THE WRITING DIET. But since this isn't high school or what every grade we feel our life at.
I do the assigment when I want and which order I want. To me it to gain the tools I might use to loose weight.
I did have a little trouble with her thoughts on clothing and fashion.
So today there going to be no assigment. Because I don't want to do any.

Not sure what I'll be doing today. Sound like the washer is finishing up. I still have time for a walk before I go to work.

Coffee is on


  1. Yes you should prioritize the assignments in the order that meets your needs.

  2. Thanks for the visit and the comment. Have a good day Diane

  3. Well I was writing and my comment disappeared while I was writing. I think that, like you say, there is all sorts of healing that needs to happen. I have met several millionaire's who are the picture of health physically, but are totally broken spiritually. I know so many people who are stuck back in high school, who cannot grow. Shoot, our President is a man desperately in need of healing.

  4. Losing words - I am beginning to think this is a common thing to happen to people. I can forget a word, dance all around it, but the word itself is like smoke, poof - gone! I often think of the word, after I don't need it anymore. Ha Ha. Don't feel lonesome.

  5. Ha ha.. I love that word ludicrous - even if I sound ludicrous saying it. ;-)

  6. I had to look up "ludicrous"! Now I feel ludicrous ;-)
    Funny, in German this can have a positive as well as a negative meaning.

  7. Words fail me all the time.

  8. Hari Om
    It's a good exercise, cutting back on verbosity (note to self...); but not so much fun when it is due to having forgotten the words! YAM xx

  9. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Sometimes it's like that. The word is on the tip of the tongue but somehow, I just can't recall what it is. Google may help, these days.

  10. I was just reading another blog post about wearing what scares you. Because fashion should feel good, I think? I can get you the link to the post if you're interested.


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