Friday, September 08, 2017

Let's Clear Up Thing First

The smoke is still hanging around. Well I mention about taking a hike. That day the smoke haven't rolled in.
But as today there still plenty of smoke. From where I live I don't see any flames.
Now there a slight chance for Taite bit of rain. This is good and bad. The amount of rain won't complete take out the smoke, our area is consider unhealthy to very unhealthy. It could be down graded to unhealthy to unhealthy to sensitive groups.

This is latest rock I painted. Not sure where I will be hiding. I'm taking Liz to the Naples Fire Hall there having a clothes give away. Which is being put on by "Helping Hands of Naples Idaho" Liz is interested in car in Sandpoint but the guy won't be around till 3 in the afternoon.

Considering all the smoke. Muprhy been doing quite a bit with yard and garden. The flower beds look like on big weed mass. The one in front of our place he just mowed down. He ask me first if I had in trouble him doing it. I said no since I didn't get to it.

The truth is if I lost some weight I could do more. Confession time...I know what I need to do to loose weight. And it not the issue of will power.

I live in Boundary County and the county south of me, Bonner County. And someone put up these racist flyers in Bonner County.
Each of of county have a rant and rave facebook group...The one in Bonner County had to take there down.
Well the conversation in our community been some what lively...Even free speech was brought up and I know there is a different between free speech and hate speech.
Confession time...I have a real problem with the Archie Bunker types on steroid and there been plenty of time I had to bite my tongue...I know twice in my life I let some bigot have it...They was complain about black people having bad breeding habits.
As far as I know there not sure who put up these flyers. But this to is an embarrassment to my community.

But on the flip side. Our community comes together to help our neighbors to East in the State of Montana which is fighting wildfires. Not sure what all been donated but as one can see quite a bit. Even I see some dog food.
With the hurricane hitting the southern part of United States and Fema funds being drain. Not sure what will happen to those who lost everything because of wild fires.

Still having trouble with my Yahoo e-mail and still can't get photos up. I believe


  1. I think the ones putting out those flyers should go to jail.
    I haven't heard lately how bad the fires are out there, I know it's quite extensive.

  2. It troubles me to see the devastation in those areas of floods and fires, because I know there is nothing I can do. Those flyers should all be ripped down and I don't care who does it. You see one? Rip it down. They are hateful.

  3. We in Australia of a certain age know who Archie Bunker is. I am surprised that the word negroes can still be used in the US. That poster really is rather extreme. If you don't feel the strength to speak out, as I often don't, then at least you can write about it.

  4. No, Andrew, using the word "negroes" here in the US is no longer acceptable. That was part of the insult.

  5. Rain should help the air quality. Do you have ash all over your stuff? That's when you can tell it's really smoky...

    Ah, the emboldened racists. They should really be forced to live in an area like mine. One of the schools I work at is what's considered racially diverse. On any given day I'm in a classroom with just about every racial group on the list. At the same time. And they seem to get along even with a white girl like me.

  6. The person who put up that poster is just advertising his/her own miserable ignorance.

  7. That's a shocking poster, I can't understand people like that! You're not the only one who needs more willpower Dora 😀

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