Sunday, August 13, 2017

Not Quite There

I got a new lap top and haven't yet got it set up and it not even out of the box. I'm looking for all my camera doo hickies.
It's been a while since I use my camera.
For the mean time.

The other day I was in Library in Sandpoint and got a book by Dondi Dahlin and her book is THE FIVE ELEMENTS being American pagan I think the elements as spirit, earth, air, fire, and water.
Ms D is using the chinese elements which are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. I know I'm a rat when it comes to Chinese horoscope. Best I can figure as for chinese element I'm "metal" not sure what that means.

I order a book from Amazon and it called KITCHEN TABLE TAROT by Melissa Cynova. At this point and I haven't dove much in it. But at this point I give it thumbs up.
I'll get back to this book in a bit.

But first I want to discuss a little on lucid dreaming my friend Liz and I was late. But what I understand is that you know your dreaming and that way you can control and find possible answer.
So last night I mediated a bit about how I want to my next tarot card I'm starting on. Which is the temperance. Trying to look deeper in my subconscious.
Well it came to me. I know what it should look like. Not saying my artist skill will be anything of a masters.

In the kitchen table tarot they had interesting assigment...draw three cards from a tarot deck and write a story base from these three cards.
So out of my deck I came up with KNIGHT OF SWORDSSEVEN OF PENTACLES, and ACE OF WANDS

Here is my story...

Prince Who Lost His Way.

Many battle for the kingdom he campaign in after many injuries been efflect on his body and many of his friend and kin folks is talk only in past tense. 
He try not to be bitter but now he walks around with a limp and when the weather is has a bit of snap to it. You'll see him using a cruth which makes him impatient and can find him self bitting his tougne. 
But since he been seeing and having coffee once a week with his new found friend Larry (seven of pentacles) who know what it like to use a crutch. Larry didn't get injury from a battle. But at one time he was taking his produce from his farm and he was robbed and beaten so bad that he became a crippled. 
As Larry injury taken place before his friend the Prince. But the Prince grew up in cream of crop the royals of "Dudenburg" a small kingdom with population under 800.
Larry was found by a member of the local royal family although no one knows which one. 
But many cups of tea and crumpt the price seem to be less hositle and self pitty. Mostly to his friend Larry who took time to listen.
Both being frustrated and the prince abstated thinking. They came up with a wonderful ideal for those who limb offer them different style of canes. Not those boring ole ones made of woods and once a month the local cripples of Dudenburg would gather once month at local pub and have a hullabaloo of a good time.

I can see this could be some what diffucult. But I can see some life lesson about two people who real have nothing in common and bettering there community. Some time if some one will listen for a bit can make all the difference how things will go.

Murphy and I pick some green beans from the garden. Had them with our spaghetti dinner. We decided we're going to cut back on the veggies next year. 

Coffee is on


  1. I Chinese horoscope I'm a Water Dragon, in western horoscope I'm a Leo.

  2. Hari Om
    Oh I like that place Dudenburg!!! Do more of these Dora - what fun and your conclusion is a lovely one. I'sa Taurean/Metal Pig - so well grounded!!! Look forward to seeing you on the otherside of that new computer. YAM xx

  3. A new laptop? No more photo problems. How exciting.

  4. Will be good when the new computer is up and running Dora. I like your story and agree with the prince, tea and crumpets make most things seem better ☺

  5. Ooh la la - a new laptop. Get it out and in use. :-)

  6. I wouldn't know a crumpet if one fell out of a tree and hit me on the head, but I enjoyed your story, Dora.

  7. I know metal goes along with the color white and round shape, but other than that... I read a great book on feng shui that explained how the Chinese elements relate in setting up a room. I'm not sure how it relates to people, though.

  8. I have an external drive since two months and still haven´t set it up...

  9. Congratulations on getting a new computer! :)

  10. Yay! A new lap top, that's good news ...

    All the best Jan

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