Saturday, August 19, 2017

New and It Still Can Have It's Downfall

Down in Medford Oregon now and with my new lap top. Went around the local area and tried 3 different places to get the correct card for my camera. Bat a zero. So looks like I'll try order one on line.
Still so much want to add photos to my post.

Here in Southwest corner of Oregon is so smoky. There quite a few forest fires in the area.

When Regis was talking to his therapy. Liz and I was there it just happen that way. Part of my job is try to get them out a bit. Which can be difficult and I suggest GEOCACHING. It's hard to find an activity for them that is reasonable price.
So since both have a smart phone and they do have GPS stuff. I thought it would be something for them to do and me also.
Her Therapist told us about different community is PAINTING ROCKS and even mine has a couple of them.
Assume there different ways of doing it. But the one I know is you paint a rock and hide it in your community. Picture taking and clue is aloud. Then if some one finds a painted rock they re-hide it and take a photo and maybe post a few clues.
This will also help my clients get out in community a bit.
Like I say finding affordable things for them  can be difficult.

Like riding AMTRAK only a few minor complaints and even my self did a few errors. My first trip and what I learn it would be better next time.
When I left Portland for my southerly trip to Medford. Some one what enough money to have a 1940 train car restored for there private collection. They had it hooked up to the end of the train. Well it cost them plenty and everyone was curious and who could afford something like that. Not playing with small potatoes. Everyone I know who has that sort of cash is super frugal with there money.

Not sure what I'm doing my time in Medford. But I believe this evening we're going to try some Mediterranean  foods.

Coffee is on


  1. Sorry about the air there. It sure will be nice when the forest fires are over. Seems like that there every year. I don't believe I could live (or visit) there.
    I don't have any ideas on activities for your charges. That painted rocks thing sounds good, but after that, I am clueless.

    1. I guess rock painting been going on. But usual I'm the last to know

  2. we had smoke for over 2 weeks until the wind changed directions. there were no clouds but we couldn't see the sun.

    1. I'm visiting my son and his wife. In my home town it was quite smoky but the wind blew it out

  3. I know about Geocaching, I don't do it, but it sounds like fun. You'll find Mediterranean food is a lot different from Mexican, but very nice.
    I thought all cameras could use the same cards? I have three different brand cameras and I can use the same SD card in all of them.

    1. It would be way to get out and get some exercise

  4. Glad you're enjoying your visit

  5. Hari OM
    Oh a train trip and a break away is always good for one, even if it does not all run smooth. Painted rocks sounds similar fun to geocaching... YAM xx

  6. Are you going to be near totality for tomorrow's eclipse? My brother enjoyed geocaching for a while. I have no idea if he still does it.

  7. That rock painting, photographing and hiding sounds like a fun game.

  8. Painted rocks and stones is fun!

    All the best Jan


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