Sunday, August 06, 2017


I'm work in progress! yes over the year between genetics and environment I'm not  a perfect human. But so I developed crutches to get me though life.

One of them is food. I've gave up or got my other so called naughties out of my life or under control. Food isn't one of them.
I need to learn to use food more or less fueling my being vessels. I tend to eat well for about two weeks and I plunge over the edge. It takes different length of time for me to get back on track.
I know the health risk and emotional ones as well and I tend to be screw up when it comes to my health.

Yesterday Murphy and I meant Bart, Molly and my little gem of grand daughter Claudia at park called MCEUEN park. The park is mostly set up for little people I would say under 10. Miss C at first wasn't sure what she thought of it. But all in all she had a wonderful time and so did Murphy and I. For me the best part was a hug by Grand Daughter.
Then we all walk up to FIRE ARTISAN PIZZA. Let call it a 4 block walk and I was feeling it.
Confession time...I want to be an active grandma. Not one who set in a rocking chair and waste away.

Let see this past week I pay our eclectic bill just under $75.00 and did my tithing. First two things I take care of before I tithe is my taxes and save out for those yearly bills.
This time I put $50 on my friend Alice electric bills.
Actual it feels good to help others out. I'm not looking for brownie points.
Confession time...I had some trouble with tithing I put to much thought in it...To be quite honest I had to move on from being judgmental who and mostly about tithing.
Give it on a free will ideal and no thoughts.
Over time I might be curious I might wonder why certain people leans toward a certain faith or religious. I've learn to be tactful who, when and why I might bring up such subject.
When people find out I'm a pagan. I have never been ask what branch I am. Or why I choose that faith over anther. Not lately but usual I'm told I'm of the wrong faith.
I've never told anyone there of the wrong religion. If it gives them purpose in life and it helps them though it...Your faith is for you.

Sawyer and Betty is up in Portland Oregon. Finishing up there last leg of ADOPTING A CHILD FROM FOSTER CARE although I'm not sure which agency.
I understand there almost half Million children here in the United States are in foster care. Do to neglect, abandoned, and or abuse. Although I'm not sure which AGENCY there going though. Briefly google "how many children is in foster care in state of Oregon" over 7,500.
It took a while for them to go though the process. I thought and I was wrong about...I thought anyone could be come a foster kid...It far from the truth.
They were part of in dept study. They did a in dept autobiography with how they felt. Checked out the community possible where a child might be going.
They want a good fit. Not sure how long it will be until a child comes to there home. I'm looking forward for grandchild #2.

I made a mess and yes I did clean it up. I made a juicy smoothie. Quite a bit came out of the garden.
for the juice..carrots, apple, cucumber, ginger, and celery. Place the juice in blender and add some chard, and fruits like raspberries, bananas, peaches, and kwik.

Coffee is on


  1. Crikey Dora ..... I've got a problem with FOOD too. Lucky for me Mum has control over what I eat and she watches me like a hawk. I sometimes try to raid the garbage bin but she always catches me. It's hard when you like food a lot, aye? BUT you do want to be an active Grandma so you'll really have to be strong, aye?? OR put a lock on the refrigerator door. Mum says it's easy. Just don't put anything in your mouth. Yeah ..... well she's not food addicted like me. I hope Grandchild no 2 happens for you soon.

    1. Charley sure glad your mom watches what you eat...It slow going trying to figure it out.
      Coffee is on

  2. I don't agree with tithing, but many people do it.
    Your smoothie sounds interesting, I usually just have fruit in mine, most often banana and vanilla yoghurt smoothies in summer. If I have a lot of vegetables, I'll make soup instead.
    I hope the adopting goes ahead easily and soon.

    1. I'm also a soup lover but it hard for me to take it to work.
      My thoughts on tithing is different them main stream religion. If I did it according to most christain faith...I would give it to church, before taxes and my hide away money for those yearly bills...I guess I'm odd I believe in supporting my gov't/community

  3. Hari OM
    ..."I've never told anyone there of the wrong religion. If it gives them purpose in life and it helps them though it...Your faith is for you." A wonderful statement Dora! Whilst it is trying for those seeking to adopt, it is good to know, for the child's benefit, there is rigourous analysis. YAM xx

  4. Whatever faith gives you spiritual insight and comfort is the right faith. Those who presume to tell you that you're wrong ... ignore them.

    1. I do and sometime I roll my eyes at them...when they leave

  5. Now I am curious. Which branch of paganism is your branch? I just assumed you are a Wiccan, because it's just about he only branch of paganism I know about--except for the Nordic myths the so-called Aryans adhere to---and I know that's not you.

    1. I'm want you call an eclectic pagan or the Christains would be calling it non denominational.
      Coffee is on

  6. Who does not have a problem with yummy food, huh?
    Just reading the word Pizza and I want a slice.

    I think I can call my world quite great as I never knew a kid that had to be fostered.
    But in cities like Hamburg or Berlin you hear too often of children dying due to being neglected or shaken as babies. Often social workers knew the kids aren´t taken care of well and do nothing - when it´s too late the cases end up in media but it seems they never learn from it.
    You need a license to drive a car but plain anyone can have a child if nature allows.
    I know a couple who so badly wanted a child. Both were working, she half-time.
    They now gave up and have a dog. It´s a crazy world.

    1. I'm at time in amazement how it all works or doesn't

  7. No human is perfect -- and the way I look at it, if eating "wrong" is your biggest "vice", then you're a better person than most!

    1. I'm not any better or worst then amy of my neighbors of the world..Every day I do try to the best and improve mey self

  8. It was so lovely to read "For me the best part was a hug by Grand Daughter."

    I agree with you hugs from your grand-children are just wonderful.

    All the best Jan

  9. Hoping all goes well for the adoption!

  10. Congrats on the new grandchild.

    Interestingly when I tell people I am an atheist they often ask me why.

  11. Have you thought about doing a "cheat day". One day a week (or a month) where you can eat what you want without feeling guilty for it. I've heard it makes it easier to be "good" on the other days.

  12. I agree with you hugs from your grand-children are just wonderful.

    การ์ตูนโป๊, jav

  13. No human is perfect -- and the way I look at it, if eating "wrong" is your biggest "vice", then you're a better person than most!


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