Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's Been A While But No Need To Bore You

It's been a while since I posted. Please don't get all excited thinking I haven't gotten the problem resolved with my lap top and getting the photo off it.
Both my son enjoy the great outdoors and do quite bit of hiking. I'm in no shape to hike like they do. I could get my self in better shape if I stay off the computer.
So as I blog I thought I would share some photos.

We been picking quite a few raspberries and other veggies. This evening we had fresh summer squash from the garden.
Like I said if I spent less time on the lap top, maybe no Let just speak the truth I waste a lot of time on computer. Just google stupid crap. Question time...What sort of stupid stuff do you waste your time on the computer?
I just can't pin point one thing. Confession time...I waste plenty of time on the computer.

Then I've been quite a bit of things with my pagan group. I know I told you about our summer celebration.
Because our head pristess is having some health issue. We won't be doing much for August which we celebrate LAMMAS anther pagan group is having one. Depends on weather Murphy and I might go. It just been to hot.
But we're planning to have a Mabon or the fall equinox. Not sure what we will be doing but some want to go camping and others don't.
As like all of them we be merry and celebrate.
Then a little planning went for Samhain. As many you know is Halloween. One of member Debbie pass on the first part of June.
We want to do our circle ritiual around her marker. Then we're taking about going to one of our local restrunt.
But the very last thing with finger cross I'm going to an event about LUCID DREAMING

Now for the crafts I been working on. Still been slow and haven't completed nothing. I start a locker hook trivet for one of my first cousin.
And Murphy like a loose weave crochet dish  cloth I do. He does dishes, so I should do one up. Anyhow if I got going there nothing to do.

Yes. I should mention my belove crazies. Some days I feel like I'm part of three ring circus. Well two things I don't like when I first arrive at work...Is one my client horrible upset with tears and hands me an envolpe of a letter of some type.
Or this one...I'm so glad you showed up.
Well then the circus starts.

Eating been in check pretty good. I've kept to my eating planning and even when I went out.
I got a good deal on the TRAIN although flying would be cheaper. But I want to ride the train there.
I'm going to Medford Oregon to see the ECLIPES and my son Sawyer is pretty much in path of it, over 90%

Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    I spend too much time on the computer too. Seriously, it's a daily battle with me. Anymore I just carry my phone with me and check it occasionally. - I too am crocheting dishcloths. :) - Your photos are beautiful and I can't wait for the post about your Lucid Dreaming event.

    1. There my sons photos from there hike...I'll be glad to post about the dreaming

  2. I waste too much time on the computer too. I just don't seem to have the motivation to do other things. There are piles of books that I should be reading and I know I should get out and exercise. Instead I just sit here day after day after day. I'd like to hear more about the Lucid Dreaming event when you are ready to post about it.

    1. I should be doing other things then be on the computer...Coffee is on

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. Whoever invented the iPad ... I spend far too much time with it in my hands.

    Enjoy the eclipse. We will see about 75% totality, I think.

    1. I doubt my home town will see much of the eclipes I live about 30 miles south of the Canadain border

  5. Just what exactly did we do before internet/computers???
    You thought twice about taking a picture as you had to pay for the film being developed.
    These days, snap and if it´s not good, the computer helps - crazy!
    No, seriously... what did we do?
    Even books are digital now.

  6. My father is headed that way for the eclipse as well. Hopefully the weather will hold.

  7. Told only to the wind felt even without being said. I don't want to bore you with my trouble. But there's ...

  8. These are lovely photographs, I'm pleased you shared them here.

    All the best Jan


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