Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Know But It's The Truth

Question time...Have you made simple goal or project to do and it should take less then no time to do them? And for some strange reason there not getting done. I'm guilty of this.

I couldn't tell you how many time I attempt to clear off my dinning room table. Confession time...I like a table cloth with a nice bouquet of flowers on a table.
Not giving my self permission but it's looking a lot better.

The other day I went though part of one of my file cabinet and found manuel for items that we no longer have. So they head to recycle bin.
Then other old important stuff like our property taxes, anything more then 5 years it now in a box ready to be burn.

Yesterday was quite a day or long day at work. Regis got out of the hospital from hip operation and is recovery quite fast.
So he getting in home physical therapy and when some one new coming in he gets anxiety. But once they meet them he usual fine.
So I end up putting in 7 hours yesterday and before that I had 4 hours put in. He has 2 hours left for the week.
So tomorrow he has a doctor appointment and I know this week I will be over.
Now if we go over our allotted time we may or may not get paid. Usual the time allotted for the clients one can get all there chores done.
But there been a few times mostly because of medical reason I end up going over time.
Statement time...This total pisses me off I may or not get paid. And it could take up to six months for someone up the ladder to decide if my request is warrented 
But the way medicaid handle request for increase in hours makes no sense at all...To me it would make more sense if they did the increase in hours before one left the hospital.
No this what they do...Once the clients comes home from the hospital one calls there company field supervisor and say "Hello and so so is home from the hospital and they need extra care and I'm putting a request for hours"
So your supervisor makes a trip up to see what your saying is true. In this case my supervisor is driving a 130 miles to see if this is all true.
She takes a photo and goes back to her office and fill out papers to send to medicaid and see if they will increase the hours.
But in the mean time your client needs extra help and by the time it's approval one might not need the extra time.
It makes no sense how it's handle. Like I said above it should be set up before they leave the hospital.

So tonight I'm heading to a general gathering of one my pagan meeting and we will be covering healing.

Coffee is on


  1. Glad to hear Regis is doing better. Sorry that our system sucks.

  2. Oh goodness... guilty! All of the time! I think,"This will only take a short time, I should just do it.." and bam... it does not get done.

  3. Ah bureaucracy...

    There are a few methods for getting things taken care of that should only take a little bit of time but keep getting pushed back. And, of course, I can't think of a one of them right now. Naturally ;)

  4. You're right, the extra hours should be approved and arranged before someone leaves the hospital. The other way is just stupid.
    I have lots of little things that I keep putting off doing and they would probably only take five minutes each.

  5. You're right. The system is inefficient. It wouldn't hurt them to approve a few extra hours in advance.
    I think procrastination is just hard-wired into human beings.

  6. Hari OM
    Same sorta thing happens here and in Australia; stupid thing is the amount the pay for the supervisors to assess is probably coming close to all that's required anyway!

    Oh I know about those 'little tasks'; I think it is just because they are quick and easy, they keep getting put to the backburner. Then they become desperate! YAM xx

  7. So not only the German system sucks... Crazy.
    Hope all is back to normal soon.

  8. i like table cloths and flowers too. free flowers from the park in a cool vase from the thrift store works every time for me.

  9. There are a few methods for getting things taken care of that should only take a little bit of time but keep getting pushed back.

    แตกใน xxx


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