Sunday, June 18, 2017

There Many Types Of Communcation

Since today is Fathers Day. In past our fore fathers communcate in so many ways. Such as actual talking to anther being. But there been communication devices since way back when. Beating a drum or even sending a smoke signals.

TELEGRAPHY is one of communicating. Reminds me of texing or twitter. One might send a tex or a gram...Bst Dad in wld, luv u lot.

A hand written letter for years was a way of communicating. People correspond during war, when family and friends was far apart. One couldn't get vehicle or some type of transport. Only way one got around is riding a horse or having the horse pull the cart.

I'm one who still have pen pals and this some what the letter I will be sending..

June 19, 2017

Dear Abby

So this weekend I'm writing cards and letters to my pen pals. Plus other not exciting things like dishes, laundry and such.
Got the veggie garden in. Since I work a 30 hour week. I don't have much to do with it. Murphy handles 98% of the garden.
This morning he brought in some fresh beet greens
It would be good with dinner.
Notice the strawberries are turning red and plenty of blossom our on the raspberries.
So both boys are doing fine. Bart who had the tumor remove is back to work and talk to different oncologist. Both agree on light chemo. They don't agree when to start it.
Since this type of tumor is slow growing type, but it rare and only 4% of population gets it. I have trouble announcing it and let lone spell it.
There three good thing going for him. He young, healthy, and it slow growing.
Now for Sawyer and Betty there doing fine. At this point there trying to figure out what color to paint the outside of there house. It's best for me to stay out of it.
Since adopting is expensive. Actual apply for and older child. Most states and the program called “A Forever Home” but some places might call it something else.
What I understand there a lot of paper work. Seen a few of question. I would have trouble answering them.
But there next step they take a parenting course in August.
Not sure what happen after that.
Still working 30 hour week. My client Regis is having a hip replacement in July. Then my hours will increase. But by how much, I'm clueless. I never figure out the hours why people who are in horrible shape gets little hours. Then they're those who I think is in better shape them me, gets all types of hours.
My other client Liz is dealing with difficult about her son Paul. It would take some time to explain everything. But at present time he in jail for trying to choke his girl friend.
He got quite the record. Mostly because of drinking.
The sad thing he need medication for that he hears
A couple of times he mention that he can hear people think.
So I wrote a letter, and gave it to his mom so she can give it to his lawyer. Yes he needs to be responsible for his action and choices. But he needs help.
Most resent craft project I've been working on is a crochet rag rug but at the moment I been cutting and putting strips together. This one being done red, white, and blue.
I'm giving it to Liz for Christmas. Right now I'm trying to finish up project I got going.
This afternoon my hubby Murphy and I went to a memorial service of our friend Debbie, she wasn't quite 56 years old.
She died of cancer, and she did give it a good fight.
Not much more to say. Anyhow you put in the coolest stuff in your letters.

Pen pal

Write when you can


On star trek it amazing how things record...LOG...but then there those fancy computer that the crew talk to.
Even I talk to my lap top. Confession time...At time I will say please and thank you. Which is not necessary.
Question do you think we will be keeping records/documents and communicating in the future?

Coffee is on



  1. Happy Father's Day.
    Glad that your boy is back at work, and wish him the best in his on-going treatment.
    I do like 'real' letters, just as I like real books.
    Future communication? Video link?
    Have a great day.

  2. I use a lot of video chat to communicate these days. Maybe someday people will be able to read my mind!

  3. Interesting telegraph order. Hard to believe it's from that long ago. Nice find.

  4. Ah, a letter. I remember those.

  5. Anonymous6:45 PM

    With the internet, the telegram is definitely History. Last one I got was in 1994, can't remember when I last sent one, probably in the 60's. :D

  6. The telegram is terrific and I like your proper letter to a penpal.

  7. I still write a few hand written letters because my older family members don't have computers or smart phones and don't text.

  8. The first telegram I ever saw! Good news about your son! Funny, yes, how will we communicate in the future... google will take care of it? I think it´s a bit scary. Long gone are the times where you used a map to navigate to foreign places. Do kids these days still know how to do it or are they lost without technology?

  9. That's a lovely letter to your friend.
    I don't know how we will record things or communicate in years to come. Remember when computers first started, they said computers will replace paperwork, well that hasn't happened. We all have computers and still print out things on paper from them. So who knows how the future will be?

  10. I really think blogging is how many of us old school types will record things. I look back at my blog now and it is a history of things that happened which is really helpful for my memory at times. :)

    The younger types will be all twitter or instagram or some kind of future app we do not yet know about.

    As for actual communication, I use something called Kakao talk, it is free and you put it on your phone - you can message, call, send photos and probably other things I am unaware of. :)

    Thanks for dropping by my place, I have added your blog into my feed reader. :)

  11. Hari OM
    I used to be such a prolific and (I think) decent letter writer; the latter probably can still be applied, but it is mainly through the ethernet now; email is my primary form of contact and the 'googlyvid' is very handy. So much has changed in the past ten years, never mind our lifetime, it would be impossible to speculate what it will look like even another ten years hence!!! YAM xx

  12. I work in an office. Years ago there would have been stacks of paper all over my desk, now my documents are files on my computer. At home, I download books to my Kindle. The world has certainly changed.

  13. Please and Thank You are very good terms to use in my opinion, I sure respect people more when they use them.

    Future communication, I see a lot of advertising for these systems where you talk and the system does the rest, "Hello Google" or "Alexa" not sure I like this but I do see this becoming popular.

  14. Oh believe me I talk to my computer also Dora, but it's not nice I can tell you 😀 when I was young I had pen-pals, I remember how exiting it was to get a letter ☺

  15. You've got photos again! Yay!

  16. Good stuff indeed, technology has come a long way. Thanks for sharing and warm greetings!

  17. You have made a great comparison over years how the communication changed... Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I really enjoyed this post.
    So pleased that Bart is back at work, and wish him all the best in his on-going treatment.
    I have always liked writing and receiving hand written letters and cards, you just can't beat them they seem so much more personal somehow.

    Do you think future communication could be talking into a watch strapped onto our wrist and even seeing a small image of the person we are talking to !!!

    All the best Jan

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