Sunday, June 11, 2017

First Step and Maybe Part of Another

Yesterday POST on my son Bart I didn't want to make it sound it hopeless, and there quite of bit favor going for him. It was caught early on, it was in safe area of the brain, and he young in good with and in good mental attitude to fight it.
There is a chance he going to Seattle because this type of tumor isn't your common tumor. Seattle is where UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON and they have a MEDICAL SCHOOL there, nothing in stone as what they may do or not.
But Thank you for all the positive energy and prayers that been coming this way. We don appreciate them.

Murphy and I worked on steps for deck. We sanded them, and painted one side and a long edge. Now there drying.
I did a little shopping and I forgot to get his pills. It not a matter of life and death. But Regis has and appointment in Sandpoint at 10:45 in the morning.

I got my first rough graft of what I'm writting to the judge done, and now working on what I called my second around.
I believe the third one I will type out.
He does need help.

Before I went shopping I swung by my niece Qunicy to see if she would have time to look at my lap top. To see why I can't get photos up.
My niece wasn't home. And her oldest said it would be best to catch her during the week.

I'm still trying to get my daily average to 1,847 calories daily intake. This week my average was 2.112.
Still my intake of vititaim E and D is a little low. But it becoming better. My daily eating goal is to take in a balance 1,800 calorie intake.
Now I just start on reds on Liz crochet rag rug.

Coffee is on


  1. It is difficult to remain positive at all times; and it is easy for another to say..."stay positive". So, you find yourself torn...stuck somewhere in the middle.

    My very best thoughts and wishes go out to your son, your family and to you, Dora, during this very worrying time.

    I'm now about to make some lunch for myself...and I refuse to count the calories in a mug of tomato soup accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich! I lost count at the first 100! :)

  2. I hope you catch up with your niece soon and get your photo issue sorted.
    Vitamin D is mostly from sunshine, but you can get it from corn; mushrooms and fish liver oils.
    Vitamin E you can get from corn; cold pressed oils; grains; green vegetables; nuts; wheatgerm.
    If you consistently don't get enough vitamin D, then maybe your body just can't process it for some reason and you should have your doctor check into it.

  3. Sounds like you're keeping busy

  4. Continuing to send good energy to Bart. While it sounds positive, it does sound like he has a long, long road ahead.

    I hope you get your computer issues sorted out soon.

  5. Hopefully you can get your laptop looked at this week, maybe something simple to be fixed.

  6. I hope things will turn out good for your son. But I know that things can work out well when things like this are caught early. My Mom had a tumor removed and it didn't come back. My sister in law had skin cancer on her nose that was caught early and it never came back. My dad had a cancerous tumor on his tongue, had it removed and it never came back. My grandma had half of one of her lungs removed because of cancer and it didn't come back. I just wanted to show you that there are really good chances that once removed, it won't come back.

  7. Bart's prognosis does sound good. And don't we all forget that one thing when we're out?

  8. I'm low on vitamin D too. I need to spend a bit more time in the sun.

  9. Stay well, take care and here's sending out good wishes for the health of your family members as well as yourself.

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  11. Hari OM
    Knowing all the positives is definitely worth holding onto... but acknowledging there are lows too is a healthy thing. Sending Love as always... YAM xx

  12. You certainly keep yourself busy Dora, it's the best way, especially if there are things worrying you. I have a feeling things will go well for Bart.

  13. It sounds as if you are keeping busy ...
    Take care and know that so many of your blogging friends are thinking of you.

    All the best Jan


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