Monday, May 29, 2017

Up or Down and Maybe Top or Bottom.

Some time the simple things in life can be the hardest to decided. I was having a issue where to start the mouth lynching of our President Trump and where he leading our country. Confession time...I sure hope he develops into a strong leader and all benefits everyone
Since I start with Trump I will continue with Trump. And last paragraph I will give a brief daily happen in my life today.

I have to question who actual is our leader Trump or Putin. Well if you google something like “Is Puttin Controlling Trump”

Well we sure made and impression on the rest of the world when he went over sea. And he left Russia come on down though Europe because how he disrespected Nato
NATO  and the UN is a necessary part of our defense. Option time....The United state military is to boast big corporate business.
Take a look DEFENCE CONTRACTORS to the tune of 603 Billion dollars. And most who serve as foot soldiers or CANNON FODDER  I'm amaze when people say “The south will raise again” and slavery will return. I got news for those who thinks and believe this.
Those who serve volunteer or got draft as CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS wasn't much above a slave. Most white people didn't own SLAVE(S) in our southeast states.
Prediction time...With Trump as a commander in chief. He doesn't care about the lower economic class. The upper 3% and if he start a military conflict some place in world. His pocket will be greatly with wealth.
He only care if he benefits. The guy has no empathy toward the poor so they can be cannon fodder.

TRUMP BUDGET cut is something else. Those who need service is getting cut like SNAP. Statement time...At this time at work my client Regis use a snap (food) stamps card to help him purchase food. But I look at his food list and not one thing on it was nutritional....Opinion time...some thing need to be done letting people who uses a food card just purchase sweets, and I'm surprise diabetic s aren't more ramped in our country.
SNAP stands for Supplement Nutritional Assistant Program. See he doesn't care for those who vote for him.
The guy has no empathy and only see him self as great.

Question time...What is the pro and con of your medical program? I thought it would be great to have a one payer system by expanding our MEDICARE to all.
OPINION TIME....I don't see anything wrong with paying up to 3% of your gross income for your health. So those who have the income want to purchase private insurance is welcome to.
I use the affordable care act and its benefits to help me purchase health insurance. Right now I pay about 6% of my income to purchase health insurance. But if it wasn't for Obama care I would be paying about 45% of my income for my health insurance.
He wants to repeal and replace the affordable care act.
What an idiot he have in the white house now.

There this site called REDOUBT NEWS and they recorder the going on in Bonners Ferry memorial activities.
Opinion time...Most of these people are just plan stupid and vote for Trump. Most who I meant and know that vote for Trump is on the government cheese, and I will be first to say we need our government cheese program and part of the spending should be on getting those off who and bringing up the living standards so they could have some pride.
But I love there ideal of new COUNTRYand they're is people who get a check from the government and it doesn't matter which department.
But there place we can't live and DRAW our government benefits.
Statement time...Let me get out of Northern Idaho before this idiot country comes about and see how they may or not get there benefits. It would serve them right for voting for President Trump.
Any how there not going to succeed from the union. They need they government cheese.

Work was easy. Before I went my son Sawyer called and there doing fine. It been in the mid 90 (35) I guess Betty might be going to Hawaii in June with a friend.
Sawyer is airplane mechanic and is now going to try and get his aircraft inspection license, and he has to take the test in PORTLAND OREGON But he needs to get approve to take the test.
I'm got the locker rock done except the outside rim. Actual that takes a little time doing that part. I figure what the rug canvas cost me, 2¢ a square inch ( 2.5)
Please keep Bart in your your thoughts, and Ms Daisy fund raiser is still going on. It on the right hand side of blog “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”
I got a morning walk in and a chance to cut some of the grass out of what I call my "Royal Sunshine Flower Bed"

Coffee is on


  1. What exactly is Government Cheese? Do they give out free cheese to those who can't afford food? Those on food stamps?
    I think a nationwide Medicare system is a good idea, I know a lot of Americans don't want it, but we have it here in Australia and it means everyone can get medical attention when they need it. Those who can afford private health care are still encouraged to buy that and everyone over a certain income pays a Medicare levy at tax time. It's a small levy, so no one complains.

    1. It a slang term we use anyone who recieve help from the governmnet...So my hubby retirement cheak he recieve for his age is considered Gov't cheese. He paid in....

  2. Yes, I too wondered about government cheese. Taxpayers here who earn more than about $25,000 pay about 2.5% of their wage to Medicare. If you have painful knee or need a hip replacement, good luck with that. You will wait quite some time for treatment. But if you have a heart attack or cancer, you will get first class treatment at no cost. Having said that, at times things go wrong in the public health system, but they do in the private system too. Great post Dora.

    1. The way our medical system was set up. Because of our affordable care act. Less people are file bankrupcyt

  3. Very thoughtful post, Dora, you know where I stand on the issues, I'm right there with you.

  4. A post with lots to study and think about. I remember when they used to give out that cheese. I have no idea what the qualifications were to get it but I knew people who got it and was giving it out to other people because they had more then they needed. I guess that is better then it going to waste.

  5. Strong leader... *sputter* If only.

    What's most sad is those that voted for him have the most to lose under his policies. And will lose, unless the impeachment happens. Yet, they'll blame it on those who would work for their best interests, all in the name of religion.

    There's a reason they go after education. If people were more informed, they'd never keep these chuckle heads in power.

  6. You wonder who makes the rules for SNAP. I saw a sign in a country market that said people on food stamps could not buy the take-out fried chicken. Okay, I know that fried chicken may not be the healthiest food, but if I were a single mom working all day at a low-paying job, I would sometimes want to take home a box of fried chicken. Fried chicken is healthier than chips, cookies, pastries and some of the other stuff you are allowed to buy. Also, I work at a community food pantry stocking the shelves with donations. We get lots of stuff of that's not good for people--lots of packaged "side" dishes such as small, expensive envelopes of noodles with green spots (supposedly broccoli) while donated potatoes, yams, cabbages, apples just sit in the bins. And don't get me started on donations of ramen noodles. For $1, you can donate five packets which will raise the client's blood pressure sky high.

    1. What type of foods, canned or in packets, would you prefer people to donate? If I wanted to donate things here to a community pantry, I'd want to donate healthy options, but also want to donate things that people would choose to get and not donate things that would just stay unwanted on the shelves.

  7. The system just seems in a huge mess at the moment around the world. The current system of politicians running countries is not working. We need technocrats - scientists, psychologists, educators, designers and so on looking at our current problems and posing solutions. The current system is unsustainable and unfortunately those who are attracted to power are not those who should be running countries.

  8. Your post is very thought provoking and you're correct when you say that the people who voted for 45 will be the ones who will get hurt the most with the things he wants to implement. Time will tell, just like it always does.

  9. So far I haven't seen anything good from 45. I'm hoping that changes.

  10. Sounds a right proper mess you have written it well and taken the 'mess' out of it, so therefore I'm more understanding of what you have written.
    We here have private health cover as it's an option, but if we don't have that we are all covered in the public health system :)

  11. I think you're a nicer and more optimistic person than me as I've given up all hope that Trump is going to be a decent leader. I just pray that he doesn't start World War III, consciously or accidentally!

  12. I check the news every morning hoping to see that #45 has either been impeached or resigned Dora, it's always a huge disappointment when I see him still there ☺


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