Monday, May 15, 2017

This Is Working And I Like It

I was questioning my self on my calorie intake from last week. I set a goal of 1,922 calorie, and a few times I went over 2,000, even once I assume 2,261 calories.
But last week daily average actual was 1,881.
So this week I'm aiming for 1,897 daily calorie intake.

Went and visit Bart and good news he out of the hospital. He has wonderful in-law and the both of them will be staying there.
Bart was cut from ear to ear cross his head, and what I understand they put in a small titanium plate.
Well the best way to explain the way he look and feel is like he been on hell of drunk.
So now he resting and trying to heal.
Got him on three medication HYDROCODONE not sure which ones, LEVETIRACETAM for possible seizure as his brain rejust, and last one which I don't recall. But they don't want him to strain when he has a bowel movement, so they gave him something for that.
But these meds should temporary.

I just talk briefly with my friend LaWalla and she a person who CHEMICAL SENSITIVE and the advance SMART METER  seem to bother her.
I know there been some debate on these meters.
So she possible moving to Canada and living off the grid for a while.

Did a little bit on the locker hook rug, and thinking about tempting about putting the binding on quilt I just did.
I just want to get the craft project done that I started. Before I move on to something else.
I won't put in a link but still trying to raise fund for Ms Dasiy, and there is a link on the right hand side of blog "Dasiy Teeth Cleaning"
My dark purple tulip is starting to open up and I need to cut the grass back in my flower beds. So light can get to it.
But the next few days it looks like it will rain off and on,

Yesterday or last post I was talking about what I'm thankful about. My son Sawyer when he was younger showed and interest in weather. So he and I did a weather journal.
And still to this day I figure the high and low.
It says to put on north side of your home, so it will be out of direct sun light. The only trouble I get plenty of sunlight.
So Murphy came up with the ideal of sticking it on east side, placing it the kitchen windows. And the wire is on my deck and in the shade.
I don't think Murphy has much interest in my weather and he knows I do. So the two of us put in a  better place for more accurate reading.

Coffee is on


  1. Much better to work out an average every week instead of worrying about each day's intake at the time.
    The deep purple tulip sounds lovely.

  2. I'm also fascinated by the weather. I have a weather app on the phone, I check all kinds of data.

    Continued good thoughts for Barrt's healing.

  3. So glad Bart is out of the hospital. Hope he continues to heal well.

  4. Hari OM
    continued thoughts and wishes for Bart, each day better like this! Love the sound of your tulip; as to weather... I just look out the window and have to accept it as is! YAM xx

  5. It sounds like you found a much better place for your weather station indicator, out of the sun will give you more accurate readings for sure.

  6. I am glad Bart is out of the hospital. From your years of observation, do you think your weather is getting crazier or is it about the same? Ours has been weird. The predictions always seem to turn out wrong.

  7. We have a remote digital thermometer that registers the days highs and lows. It's in a spot on the north side of the house where the sun never shines. Never have bothered to write the numbers down. Helpful though when there is a possibility of frost. We also have one under the house for in the winter so we can watch to see when we need to leave the water running. Frozen pipes are not fun.

  8. I used to be one who wouldn't start a new project until I had finished the old one. Then I discovered the joys of flitting from thing to thing. It's nice to be able to leave aside something when I'm just not feeling it and work on something else. And since I'm in the habit of finishing things, eventually I finish everything.

    Glad Bart is out of the hospital. I hope the worst is over.

  9. My nephew was on similar medications after his brain surgery. It took him about 18 months to fully recover.

  10. Just so pleased to read that Bart is out of the hospital.
    I do hope he continues to heal well.

    Sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan


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