Thursday, May 18, 2017

Some Time My Light Is A Flicker

I learn over the years. Isn't life a wonderful teacher. Question time...What has life taught you?...One word I try avoid using is NEVER  The odds are you will be taking a bite of  HUMBLE PIE
The only thing I would use the word never in is...I will never dig my own grave. And maybe anther day I might come up anther way of using "Never" but it sure wouldn't be a lot.

I took Regis to his doctor appointment, and we went and bought a piece of pie at PANHANDLER PIES He had banana cream and I had rhubarb.
But afterwords we went to library he got some dvd, and I got a book BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES 3RD EDITION it's not the newest edition.
and one thing I did and alway want to is to change my comment format, and I did so I can interact to comments.
I always want to be able to reply back to those who are kind enough to leave a comment.
There other thing I may or not want to try I've seen in this book...I use to do TECHNORATI but as fast as things come and go on net. One might want google...What every happen to______ or How long will _______ be around.
Two other things I've seen in this book I might be interested in trying is BOING BOING and the other would be DIGG.Confession time...#one reason I blog I enjoy it and want to continue having fun.
Not to come a business. Sure it would be nice to make a few dollars here and there.

I find these DUMMIES book a great reference for many things. And now the dummy books been around for just slightly over 25 years.
I have few I bought a few dummy books.

I rarely have trouble with depression but this morning. I was realy down in the dump and had trouble funtioning.
I mange to pull my self together as I had to pay attention about what was going on when Regis had his doctor appointment.
But I know I need a chocolate fix and head over to CHOCOLATE BEAR but they were close. So I had to find anther way to bring up my ENDORPHINES. So once I drop Regis at
the library I went for a short walk, and I see they leave the best for last. Sex that is.

Murphy got the garden rotilled. I'm wondering if I should try to fix the issue with my usb ports or see if one of my grand niece or nephew can do it. I would give them a Hamilton or a Jackson.
I believe a picture is worth forty five cents.

Doing a lot better my light is shinning brighter then this morning. But I sure wouldn't say I'm overly bright but I get along nicely.

Coffee is on.


  1. OH my, I sure could got for a slice of rhubarb pie. It has been years. Sigh ...

    1. S.J It been a while for me to. I got a rhubarb olant on side of my house and it didn't do much

  2. I like those Dummy books but I don't buy any. I borrow them from the library and take notes from the sections I need. I have to get one on photography soon and learn about developing old fashioned film.

    1. I know one I got from a yard sale for I belive was fifty cents or so. My quilting book I got from a store going out of business.
      Coffee is on

  3. Chocolate doesn't really fix everything, but there are days when it really helps, aren't there?

  4. Hari OM
    D'ya know, I never had the chocolate desire that so many do; I do eat it from time to time -but my 'go to' stress desire is anything potato. Savoury. A word I removed from overuse in my vocabulary is 'should'... it has lots of negative connotations; substituting with 'ought' or 'consider this' helps to move things along rather better. Removes the guilt factor from a lot of stuff. YAM xx

    1. Not sure where I would of put should in my vocab.

  5. Chocolate is also my weakness.
    Life has taught me you are stronger than you think!

  6. You can't go wrong with chocolate....

    I try to respond to everyone who comments on my blog also, I do appreciate everyone who stops by, you are doing well with your blog and the books do give good suggestions when you need them.

    1. I try to stop in to those who visit me. But I like to stop in at new blogs a great way to meet new an interesting people

  7. I try to be careful with always and never. So easy to misuse.

    Another way to interact with comments is to have them emailed to you and you can email people back. Of course, the commenter must have their email enabled (or the reply email vanishes forever), but I find I can reply to about half my comments that way.

    1. I always...I need to watch that one it could get me a good slice of humble pie.

  8. Yep, I am with you on the humble pie. I have had a few slices after saying never. Definitely good advice to follow. Take care.

  9. I see you have your comments fixed. Yay!

  10. HUMBLE PIE....yep, I have tasted that before. Clothes, I really don't like trying on clothes like I did when I was a teen. Body changed over the years so I don't like it much! issue was it would fit fine all over but the gut, but that has changed with my 50lbs gone....might enjoy trying on clothes more now!Sorry you are feeling down. Hoping that passes soon.


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