Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Oh Great Not Know It All

Today I spend some time trying to figure out what I didn't know...Question time....what was last thing you look up on google.
Today at my T.O.P.S weigh in anther lady and I do the weigh in.
She was saying how she was visiting Canada, The part of Idaho I live in is close to the Canadian line. She mention how much more Progressive they are. Well compare to North Idaho most place are lot more forward thinking.
She was telling me on her trip to Sandpoint or back. A rig past her and it had bumper sticker in the window saying N(g#rs S*ck
Some time I get so embarrass how some people think and act.
So she was telling me about personality to your BLOOD TYPE, and been looking up what your blood type might tell you. It interesting.
But one thing I was trying to find out what is average calorie per oz of food. No luck finding it. Some time certain food isn't listed on fitday.
Today I had a cup of Carmel and chocolate cover popcorn. Total clueless on calories.

I was up on my weight in today. Someone suggest it might be effect of being under stress about Bart. I know CORTISOL has effect on your weight.
Most of our members was down except two of us. I and anther one.
Yesterday I start to limited my calorie intake to 1,881. Both yesterday and today I've missed the mark, it wasn't by being under.
Let's just leave it at that.

Work today. Pretty routine. Murphy been keeping the place up. I don't like leaving a link to Daisy teeth cleaning.
But I know the squeaky wheel get the attention. So on the left hand side of blog there is a link called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

Coffee is on


  1. Interesting about the blood type and personality. I'm an AB+
    My daughter once read about blood types and what foods are best for your particular blood type. I'm more interested in racial ancestry and body type being more responsive to certain foods. For instance Nordic types do well on a diet based on fish and berries, while those whose ancestors come from different parts of the globe are likely to do well on a diet based on foods similar to what they ate all those centuries ago.

  2. Carmel and chocolate covered popcorn? A whole cup? You had to know that was a bad one, just by its name. I'd gain smelling it!

  3. I feel your pain, I spent $$$ in the Italian bakery for Mother's Day, and I am surrounded by cannoli and rainbow cookies and lace cookies. ..the calorie count is astronomical. ..

  4. Hari OM
    That blood-typing is really not to be taken seriously - because in fact we have all the traits within us which are mentioned...and a good deal many more varied ones not mentioned.

    As to knowledge; a very wise teacher I loved and admired many a long year past once told me "Don't let a day go by without learning at least one thing you didn't know the day before". It left its impression upon me and I have made it a part of my every day to learn at least one new thing. Mostly NOT from the etherpedia..! YAM xx

  5. And can I suggest you visit My Fitness Pal? Their food database is incredible. Figure 210 to 250 calories for a cup of chocolate caramel popcorn, depending on the brand.

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  7. Often I feel as if I know nothing. I clicked the "cortisol" and I knew nothing about that....before reading about it, that is. But I love learning about new things, in fact, I get bored when I'm not learning. Thanks for the neat post and continued success.

  8. The body is some very complex thing.
    Plus, I think... once in a while it´s ok to give in to cravings, no?
    If you don´t mind... can you tell more about life in Idaho? All I relate to is Gilbert Grape!

  9. Stress levels can certainly affect our health and well being ...something to keep in mind.
    The other thing that can sometimes happen is we reach for 'comfort food' which often contains more sugar and carbohydrates. Life is not easy sometimes, especially when you have been under a lot of worry and stress with Bart.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  10. Last google search was for a store to look for the hours of operation.
    I am not sure if we Canadians are more progressive:)

  11. Good to meet you, glad you stopped at my post about sewing and my sewing cabinet. Weight loss is an ongoing struggle for lots of us. My ancestry all come from England--don't know that affects anything I eat.

  12. Have you heard of the blood type diet? Certain blood types conflict with certain types of food, according to the diet. For example, type O is good with beef, but type A should only have chicken or fish.

    The last thing I looked up on Google... Funny you should mention that. A student just needed clarification on the assignment, so I Googled "flow map". Not 5 minutes ago.

  13. Oh gee, I use Google multiple times a day to find out stuff. The very last thing though was the spelling of a word.

  14. i just checked out the lyrics to old dogs and watermelon wine on google.

  15. I've had a couple of patients mention the blood type diet to me. However, there is really no good science backing that idea up. I think the key is a lower carb Mediterranean style diet. Good healthy foods.

    And I, too, am embarrassed by the ignorance and hatred some people like that truck driver display.


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