Thursday, May 25, 2017

Morning Pleasue

Usual I post in the evening pretty much my day is done. This morning I decided to do one before I head off to work.
I still need to take care of the issue with my lap top and getting photos up.
Did mange to get a walk in this morning and the birds was singing. And the tree leaves was so lightly accomplishment with sweet sounds of peace.

Still waiting to hear from Bart and the out come of his tumor. Confession...I'm not afraid of the out come but my reaction. This isn't the first time I worried about my reaction to a situation.
But I know more things are to his favor.

Then on the right hand side there a link called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" I'll match any donation up to $50.

Not sure what I will be doing at work today. Murphy been doing some house chores. I work a little more on my locker hook rug. Yesterday I cut strips out of an top which I got at a rummage sale. It one you take plastic sack and stuff items in and give what you can afford and think is fair. Murphy pulled out some of his shirts which he didn't want for variety of reason.
Not sure if locker hooking is UPCYCLE OR REPURPOSING. Personal I would call it repurposing. After I cut the strips one couldn't tell where the strips came from.

Coffee is on


  1. It's nice to walk when the birds are singing.

    1. It would also be nice to post photos.

  2. Nice of you to help out with Daisy's teeth cleaning. Hopefully they can get the money to help her out. Glad you had a nice walk, hope the best for Bart and have a great rest of your day.

  3. Good question: upcycle or repurpose? I guess you could argue either/or.

  4. It feels great to get some movement in in the morning doesn't it?

    I understand your feelings - the unknown will happen though however you react.

  5. I would call it re-purposing too.
    Still not able to upload photos? Are they on usb device or memory card in camera? Do you connect the camera to the computer via the usb cord or do you have an SD slot where you put the memory card?

  6. Hari OM
    Technically, 'recycle' is the correct and original word; then social media wanted to get all trendy about things so new words came in... 'upcycling' is recycling by taking an item and refurbishing it so it can continue its usefulness. 'Repurposing' is recycling by taking one or more items and altering it/them into a purpose not intended in their previous condition... which is of course the original recycling intention, taking all our scrap materials and returning them to their pulp forms and then bringing out new things from them.

    In the truest sense you are recycling by repurposing. &*>

    Hope you don't have to wait too much longer for Bart's news... it's the waiting which can prey and pester us... YAM xx

  7. Love a little walk in the morning. Birds singing? Even better.

  8. It's hard not to worry, I hope you find out one way or another soon. I would say repurposing ☺ Happy weekend Dora.

  9. Wishing all the best to and for Bart.

  10. Birdsong is so beautiful and healing to listen to. I love the spring when you wake up early and the birds are welcoming the day. Alana


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