Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lets Be Thankful

There days Confession time...I have to draw out of thin air to be thankful. It bothers me that my son is in a lot of pain from having his brain tumor remove. But he in a regualr hospital room now, and sleeps quite a bit.
His wife been keeping me inform.
But we're going down tommorow to see him. Although I don't see staying long. What he needs is rest to recover then vistors.
Confession time...It bothers me that I can't do anything for him.
Well medical treatment has came along ways. I can recall any type of brain surgery was pretty risky.

Donation and matches there been $646 raise for MS DAISY Thank you all so kindly.

I know some out in the world might not be Thankfull for this. This morning my dear hubby step on the can of cat food and it spill on the floor, I was Thankful to own a broom.

As I got older and now relize and thankful my mom didn't pay for my traffic tickets, It taught me two things being responsible and a better manger of life.
If I told this story and I'm sorry but those who have young ones you may want to pay attention.
In my late teens and early 20's I was quite the party girl.
I got quite a few tickets anything from illegal U-Turn to drag racing.
So one day out of blue I call dear mom...and said...."Hi mom I got some traffic tickets coukd you pay them" Her only answer was "Tickets, and who got them"
Not much more was said after them.
Went into Spokane Court house and appeared in front of a judge. My main objective was to see I could get fine lower. Usual they would lower it a little.
Well I had my other bills paid, and after court I went over to clerks office and paid my fine. I was pretty much broke.
Confession time...Those days I drank quite a bit and had my nose in the cocaine....Statement time....lot of people think if your doing illegel drugs your steeling.
So when I walk out of the court house. I had two flats on my car enough money for a bus pass for the month. Then bought a bag of rice and beans.
Statement time....We're usual responsible for our choices in life, and we're the only one who need to be responsible for our action.
One of my grandpa Edgar saying was..."You burn your ass you sit on the blister"
I did a learn a little more about manging my affairs. Statement time...Even psychics can't give you a time line when something will happen....soon can be in a few minutes or possible 20 years down the line. 
I don't want to sound like "Henny Penny" but I've learn to live more then 3 days. Things can happen on the 4th day or anytime afterwards.

I like to support small local crafters and for both my daughter in law. Boo Mom and Claudia Mom I bought them aprons though UNDER THE SUN But they also have an Esty store and it called HODGE PODGE HANDMAIDEN
To All Those Mom thank you and we're the strong ones.

Coffee is on


  1. Every mother feels helpless and useless when their child (of any age) is lying in a hospital bed. When will he be well enough to go home? Sending good thoughts.

  2. You certainly were a bit wild when younger and your mother was very wise to make you pay your own tickets.
    Once your son feels better he will be happy to see you visit him, it will take a few days I think for the pain to be less. The head often hurts worse than anything else, maybe because there is no fat on the skull to cushion any hurt. That's my theory anyway.

  3. Hari OM
    Continued thoughts and wishes for Bart's speedy recovery post-surgery.

    To have survived and to be able to look back on the lessons is something to be thankful for!!! Blessed Sunday to you Dora - so glad Daisy's funds are creeping up. YAM xx

  4. I do remember getting a few speeding tickets myself Dora, usually speeding when trying to get my mum to the doctors on time 😀 Hopefully Bart will home soon and things will be easier.

  5. Boy, am I boring! One speed ticket, that´s all! I smoked cigarettes. And that´s it! Ok, I love beer...

    Hope all went well with your son and he has a full and speedy recovery.

  6. Your son will do well, recovery time now the pain will ease up.

  7. Continued good thoughts for Bart.

  8. It is true that sometimes we have to make our own mistakes and clean up our own messes to learn.

    I can only imagine how hard it is for you to not be able to do more for Bart. He will continue to be in my thoughts.

  9. Thinking often of Bart, you and your family. Hoping for the best.
    I was a goody-goody. My dad, who had his own problems, kept me on a tight leash, as if he expected me to be wild. I like the saying I probably read on FaceBook: "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." But is it too late to have a wild one?

  10. I think sometimes that is the worst feeling - not being able to do anything.

  11. Best wishes for your son. I hope the worst is past now.


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