Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lagging Behind.

Weight in yesterday at T.O.P.S actual I want to be in the 221 (100) mark. No I'm a 1.5 (0.68) pounds from it.
I was reviewing my weight lost goal of "Before the 4th Of July" I plan to loose the average of .75 pounds a week, which I start shortly before mid April. And if that was the case I now should be at 219. (99.3) Well I'm not and I'm still keeping to my goal.
This I'm keeping my calorie count to 1,922. But at T.O.P.S we all wrote a promise of what we will do...mine was no eating after 7pm and walking.

Let see what else I'm lagging behind in. I know last year I was going to do a yard sale, and things got busy and it never happen.
It need to happen this summer or all the items are heading to one of our thrift stores.
It said one should have a five year goal. Let see that puts me at 62, and at 60 I'm planning to cut my work hours back to 18 a week. And operate my ceramic shop about 15 hours a week.
Well I should be closer to the goal and I am.
Then anther thing I could be doing is putting this on my esty and or my E-bay accounts.
Question time....What are you lacking behind and how does it make you feel?

Yes, I'm making excuses now. I work and it puts me behind on different parts of my life.
Statement time...At time the world does have it sucky part to it.

My son Bart and his gang of Molly and Claudia is planning to come up this afternoon. He going in to have his tumor remove tomorrow and if you can keep a positive energy his way. "Thank You"

Day off from work did some chores about the place. Clean my bathroom and kitchen sink. Did up few dishes and since I ate lunch now there a few more sitting on the counter.
Swept the floor and vacuumed. Then also clean the bathroom mirror.
I wouldn't say my hubby is a MALE CHAUVINIST PIG. He got laundry started, but I finish it up by folding it.
He rotiled the garden.
We're now start to wonder if there such a thing as FEMALE CHAUVINIST PIG. Actual I was hoping something would of easily pop up from urban dictionary.
I guess we're still in a divided world ideal how male and female should act.

Coffee is on


  1. At stressful times like these, it's best to take care of yourself. Don't worry about what you haven't finished. Look at what you have done. And when things ease up you can totally get back to your five year plan.

  2. What's the biggest struggle you have with dropping weight? What's the first thought that comes to mind?

    Here's to you getting your unwanted stuff out the door. Tag sale or not, I hope you ship it the heck off. It sounds like it's holding you back. Is it?

    Does your clutter weigh you down and make it hard to get these things done?

    You asked us the question, what we're behind on? To be truthful, I don't talk to myself that way. I did what I did for the day and then I'm done. If I'm lucky, I get to wake up and do it all again the next day.

    That said, I like short-term goals and I LOVE the number four so sometimes I'll give myself a four week goal to finish a project. Sometimes I nail it. Other times, I don't.

    Here's to having the tumor removed. Healing wishes your way.

  3. I make lists, but they are only suggestions. ;-)

    Sending positive thoughts to your son for his surgery to go well tomorrow.

  4. Hari OM
    Definitely positive vibes being sent your way... as for the rest; I work on the basis that goal(posts) were made to be moved... &*> YAM xx

  5. Good thoughts and positive vibes for Bart tomorrow

  6. Wishing Bart all the best tomorrow. May his surgeon be having a great day!

    Weight loss isn't liner, so I am sure if your weight will catch up to your goal, just keep at it. I know it is hard and it sucks at times (I have been on my own journey of sorts) but baby steps make a huge difference!

  7. Everything! It seems I'm lagging behind in everything and it makes me feel as though I can't even catch a breath.

  8. You're doing better than me. I promised myself I would clean house more often, but I haven't been. Also lagging behind in my weight loss plan and my promise to myself to write more on my story and to get out more with my camera. Instead I'm sitting by the computer and watching too many DVDs.

  9. You always make me smile Dora, merci beaucoup 😊 I think it's a fact that in most cases women still do more of the housework.. I know I do, but that's because I like it done properly 😀

  10. Wishing the best for Bart tomorrow.

    I am still procrastinating on some paper work I need to do for our will, which we made 4 years ago next October. It's just that other things always seem WAY more interesting. Making the house look better, for instance. I know we need to maintain our house because someday we or our kids will have to sell it. So I'm getting rid of the clutter and have a plan to remove the wallpaper and paint several rooms over the next year or two. A month ago, I started removing the wallpaper in a tiny bathroom that was my Mom's when she lived with us. (She died in 2008.) Something about the wallpaper in that room was never right. At first the paper peeled off easily. Then I hit some tough spots. That's where I am now, trying to get the glue off so the paint will look good.

  11. Well... I´m making excuses since weeks concerning training - physical as well as in learning new stuff, horrible.
    Here it´s also me doing the housework, but hubby takes care of technical stuff, so that´s just fair.
    Hope all went well with the OP!

  12. Enjoy your visit and don't worry about anything else, best of luck for Bart I am sure he will do well.


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