Sunday, May 07, 2017

I See Ways Of My Errors

My bullet journal been doing ok. But like all things in life. Confession time...We're all messing up and that including me.
I put in weekly planner but I now see I should of put the page beside which would be right hand one. A place for planning and basic goals.
Then on budget for May. Some category I gave to much and others to little. Well by the end of the month it will come out in wash.

As some of you might know I been doing FITDAY. Usual I keep in my range of goal calorie intake.
Monday morning I will drop anther 25 calorie down, which give me 1922.
But one thing I notice I seem not to get enough vitamin D and E.

Yesterday we went to Spokane and had chance to see both of my sons. We all meant at Betty Parent.
Well my grand daughter Claudia stole the show. Usual the youngest at a gathering does it. She now 13 months old.
Now is a good time to up date you on my son and how there moving forward. Thursday he will check in for surgery at six in morning. It will take about 6 hours for the operation to remove the tumor on his brain, it above the right eye.
Then 24 hours in intensive care area, and 1 to 4 days in regular hospital bed. After that he will be able to go home. His home recover should be about two weeks.
Any of this could be less or more.
Well they got there first MRI bill just over 8,000. But they do have health insurance.

Slowly still working on my locker hook rug. Looking at three tops I could cut into strips for locker hooking.
Murphy and I laid out a plastic tarp under the deck so weeds hopeful to keep the weeds under control, more less dead.
Still haven't yet got my paper clutter under control. But a lot better.
Well there is a still in my life, still got Daisy fund going. There is a link on right hand side of blog called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" and anyone who donate or share her page, Thank you. But still I'm matching any donation up to $50.

May 4th was IDAHO GIVES and not sure other place does this or not, or how long it been happening.
I found disturbing slightly is there was only one place in our community took part in it, PEARL
I got an e mail from the Pearl thanking me for my donation. To the one who is wonder if I'm the lady if I'm the one who does "Having Coffee With Peppylady" the shortage and most honest answer is "Yes"
Hopeful 2018 more from our community will join in, three I can think could use some funds...low cost housing, hunger, and murals.

Coffee is on


  1. Glad they are taking care of your son's brain tumor quickly. You'll have to let us know how he does. Sending our best thoughts.

  2. Your granddaughter sounds like a delight.

  3. I'm lacking in vitamin D too, but I hear the best way to get it is with a little sun exposure each day.

  4. Ah yes, the youngest always seems to steal the show.

  5. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Sending prayers for your son Dora. A successful surgery and a full recovery. I thought Idaho Gives was over the top this year, they broke their record and that says a lot about the Idaho people. I wish the whole country was like that! - New post is up :)

  6. Hari OM
    Adding my prayers and wishes for full-health outcome for your son... glad you had such a pleasant family day. Indeed, sunshine on the skin is what permits the body to manufacture its own Vit D. Vit E best source is from nuts (50gm portion per day would do) - but also from sunflower seeds, and all dark leaf veges such as spinach and broccoli. YAM xx

  7. You just have to love those grandbabies, yours sure sounds like a cutie, they always steal the show when you are around them.

    It sounds like they have a good plan for your sons surgery and recovery, he will do well I have faith.

  8. Sending positive vibes from Perth for your son's operation Dora. Oh yes for sure the grandchildren will always steal the spotlight, everytime 😊

  9. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Praying your son's surgery goes well. So thankful you had time together with family, especially the little one!

  10. Fingers and toes crossed the surgery goes well!

  11. Blessings to your son.
    The youngest, little attention grabbers.
    Take a bow, wee ones.

  12. consider supplements for the vitamins you lack. But remember, they're supplements...not for everyday use...just moderately. Otherwise you could overdose and mess up everything you're trying to accomplish.

  13. We are sending the best to your son and his brain tumour.

  14. Hope your son's surgery goes easily without complications and hope he has a speedy recovery.
    You can get Vitamin D in your diet by eating oily fish, like herring, tuna or mackerel, once or twice a week; Vitamin E you can get from dried fruits, nuts and green vegetables.

  15. Sending good thoughts and prays for your son's surgery, I hope all goes well.
    I am pleased you had some time together with the family, especially the little one.

    All the best Jan


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