Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trying To Think What To Post

I know I should have will. But what worries me more then what will happen to odds and ends I have. Is living in a destitute situation as I'm become old.
Doing home care I've seen people sign there home over to the state of Idaho, so they can get there medical needs taking care of.
I've seen the hurt and anguish.
I believe there legal ways around it. But I'm not sure what they are.

So today we went down to the Spokane Valley to an memorial service for Murphy cousin Harold. Now my husband is oldest of his cousin.
Me, a lot would have die off. On my mom side my  grandparents had 28 grandchildren and I'm #24.
We stop at Bart and I knew he would been gone. Him and his father in law went for a ride I believe in by LAKE COEUR ALENE.
The reason we stop was drop off a packages for Claudia and Murphy want so metal cut.

A few minor stop only thing Murphy and bought was a pad carpet for by the sink. Standing bothers Murphy, and hand held can opener.
I guess this is a good enough place to put in a link for DAISY TEETH CLEANING. Remember I match all donation up to $50.
Murphy and I just finish up pruning the raspberries.
Last thing I should mention is my mother first cousin Jim died on the 18th of this month. No obit yet for him.
I have to wonder how much angry his daughter have toward him. He tend to be-little his 3 children and didn't real support his children.
I've experience being be-little from My dad. But my dad did support his family.

I decided I'm going to try BULLET JOURNAL been reading and watching you tube and I can see how it could cut back on my paper clutter.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Yes, I think the bullet journal will certainly do that; but if you are anything like me, paper just arrives. Who knows from where?! I agree with you about the aging and funding thing. I have visions of ending up in a campervan somewhere... YAM xx

  2. I've heard of a lot of people who had to 'pay' with their house for care in old age. I have also heard of those who try to beat the system by signing their houses to their kids. I have seen that backfire though. One sweet lady signed her house over to her son, who then turned around and sold it, and then he put her into a nursing home! She didn't need to be in there yet!

  3. I keep lists but I don't think they bullet journal system would work for me. It looks like way more effort than I want to make.

  4. I understand your concern with getting old. We have no children so often think about what will happen when we can't take care of ourselves anymore.

  5. Yeah, end of life stuff can be difficult.


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