Friday, April 21, 2017

That Not The Issue.

I just tried the other dew hickey about loading photos up my lab top. "Houston We Still Have an Issue".
See my speaker works in all of my usb ports. Now I believe it a programing issue. I will need to find some one who can operate a computer programs like a whiz and that not me. Usual I make things a lot of worst.
I do miss sharing photos on my blog.

Took Regis to few yard sale. Both of had $5.00 I got more cards and necklace.
Later on in the afternoon I meant La Walla at under the sun. And we had some coffee. I got a cup of Mushroom soup.
Well the other day I said she didn't claim her inheritance.  So I suggest she see an accountant on the money.
 She liked my ideal of going to talk to an accountant on it.
$30,000 she got. One of her sister is the exactor and she isn't capable of handling the estate. She now placed in mental hospital.
That ole saying "Money Talks and Bull Shit Walks" at one time toward the end her mom became un-able to hand her affairs. See her mom was even trying to buy stocks and bonds she the doll.
So the family step and it became a big fight.
Not going into all the detail. What ended being a court battle for someone I'll assume is POWER OF ATTORNEY
My friend sister ended up with both P.O.A and executor of the trust.
When it comes to money she could spend to no end. And usual those who have the gold rules. Since she has money she is smart and handling the estate
Now what I seen with wills and trust. I wonder if it a waste of time. Confession time...I don't have a will.

Weigh in this morning and still at the same from T.O.P.S. Eating been going good trying to keep my calorie count around 1,997.
So next Sunday or Monday I will drop my calorie count down to 1,972. My goal is wean my self down to 1,800 calories.
Couple of things I haven't done with FITDAY is Activity log and my body measurement's.
But one thing I like is mood tracker. Not going into all of them but my stress level been 3 days neutral, 2 days stress, and 2 days of calm
Then the other one I will bring up now is the "Anger" 3 days Neutral and 2 days of peace.

The other day I became were of what I call a zen tracker.

I got all the require colors done on locker rug. Just in case your new here or haven't heard about it.
The coral, turquoise, and yellow is done. But now I'm working on the fill in colors.

Still doing my fund raiser for Ms Daisy and there is a link on the right hand side of blog just right below my complete profile...Things to click on "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
Now off to do dishes, balance the check book, and finish putting in dinner with fit day.

Coffee is on


  1. Sorry about your computer issues. Yum on the mushroom soup. Much healing to you on your food adventure.

  2. Sigh. I hate computer issues.

  3. Time to make a will, then. They have forms that all you have to do is fill in what you want and it's legal and all. I can't remember where to get that.

  4. Hari OM
    We get will kits from our newsagents and/or post office. AS LizA says, they are just a few dollars, compared to solicitor, and as long as properly witnessed at the end, are legal and binding. It is true that the will can be contested, but in all honesty, I don't think too many families really do that. There may be disgruntlements and jealousies, but most will accept the will. Hmmmm, my mood all this week has been stress, stress and again stress as have been in the middle of trying to get owners within out tenement block to work together on the roof repair...sigh.......................... YAM xx

  5. I don't have a will either. I've thought about making one, but most of my stuff is things the kids won't want. One daughter will be happy to take my books and DVDs, also the TV, the other daughter actually owns some of the furniture I'm using so she will take that back. That leaves the two sons; one might not want anything, the other will probably want everything. I think what they will fight over is the photographs. I hope to be able to give the things to them when I am old and don't need things anymore, then there won't be problems after I die.
    With your eating: I don't bother counting calories. I don't have a group program that I go to or anything like that. I weigh myself maybe once a month and my weight loss method is to eat smaller portions at every meal and if I eat too much one day, then I won't have any snacks the next day. I try to eat mostly vegetables with just a tiny portion of red meat or chicken and stay away from processed meats like ham or bacon or sausage.

  6. "Money Talks and Bull Shit Walks" - nerver heard that one!
    I do have a will, my brother, who has two kids, has not!

  7. I have a will - somewhere. I need to make a more updated one. (In the case the kids actually find it)

  8. We have a will. The on-line forms make it easy. Where there's a way there's a will.

  9. Technology that can help us can really be frustrating sometimes.

  10. It's awful when you have computer issues!
    I think it important to have a will ...

    All the best Jan


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