Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rhubarb Pie Wasn't

Murphy and I went to my mom cousin Jim memorial services. The regular crap at memorial service and even at part of it. I want to put my fingers down my throat and vomit. When they brought up the part he never said unkind word about his children..."Bull"...I heard him bad mouth his own children and they were at hearing distant.
I wouldn't of said how wonderful something was at a memorial service. I know I wouldn't say a darn thing. Sure his daughter should be mention.
It was bullface lie.
Sure he has wonderful quility about him. For me I would like him as a neighbor he would help anyone out who in need and want nothing in return.

Got 6 hours in with Liz. She said she was glad to be home. So Monday after I take Regis down to see his psychiatrist and then I'll stop by and take Liz around to get her personal business done.
Tuesday we going down to the H.U.D housing and finishing up. She will get help with rent. Rent can't be over $559 and know more then 2 bedroom. She called about a one bedroom and it was $600 a month.
Land lord wasn't all that thrilled about her companion dog.

I kept the amount I ate after the service. But I told my self I was going have small slice of rhubarb pie and if it wasn't there I was going to leave the dessert table a lone and didn't although I didn't loose control a brownie and very slim slice of banana cream pie.

Most of the day I felt pretty up. But now I start to think about my son tumor and going to Jim memorial service and know how much hurt still linger in my life, after some of my father own words. Who says words don't hurt.
I use my bullet journal first time in my life.
Murphy mow the lawn first time today...

Coffee is on


  1. Funerals and Memorials ... I imagine many spin in their graves over what some people have to say.
    I sure would like some rhubarb pie, um, rhubarb custard pie. Yum!

  2. Words DO hurt and when they are said by a parent they hurt even more.

  3. It's too bad that they lied at the funeral. There are delicate ways to say nice things without resorting to lies.

  4. I am sorry you're feeling down right now. Memorials do tend to varnish the truth, don't they? Continued good thought for Bart.

  5. Hari OM
    Funerals are bad enough, but when we hear things we know are outright falsity, it makes them so much more difficult. Roll on Friday, when you can get more of a handle on what is happening for Bart... YAM xx

  6. Not that I want to hear people speak ill of the dead, but I prefer services that have more truth in them:)

  7. Sending you cyber hugs. Wishing you strength in these trying times.


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