Saturday, April 15, 2017

Just Got A Call

Looks like we're having Easter over at my in-law. I'm now trying to get hold of Bart and his family. His phone messenger thing is full. He will call me back.
I wish and some time the only thing we can do is in law aren't planner...a twenty four notice to them is plenty of notice.
But in general I don't have much bad to say about my in-law.

So today so far I been cleaning off anther table. It has a stack of fabric that I'm cutting into strips for locker hook rugs.
One reason I'm cleaning off the table in hope I can run into my photo dew hicky thing. Hopeful that the issue about loading photos.
It seem like some of the flat surfaces have magnetics on them.

Not sure if it doing less with facebook. But I feel a little depress almost like with draws. Haven't complete cold turkey. To many angry people out there.
Not sure how I feel about "Bullet Journal" wonder if it could possible cut down on my paper clutter.
I don't own a printer. Confession time...I don't own a printer because I can keep paper under control.

Just notice the date...It seem like a lot events took place around the 15th in our history. Like JACK ROBINSON breaking pro baseball history. First African American to play pro baseball.
This year our fedeal taxes are due the 18th.
Got our taken care of. I was shock we could of gotten a re-fund. But instead I told them to reply it back on my 2017 taxes.
Confession time...I was hoping to have to pay a little bit in, so I could hash tag it with...Statement time...#donaldtrumpletseeyourtaxes...
I have to wonder what his taxes will reveal. Far from being rich but our taxes form is like 14 pages.
I heard Japan is like post cardsize.

So far fitday is doing me good. Keeping calorie count right around 2,023. Friday I didn't get a chance to do my food journal.
For Easter dinner still trying to keep it around 2,023 for the day. I find if I eat out and go with some type of plan I do much better.
This is sort of how I'm doing it...
3 appertizers.
5 main course...And there having lamb so I'll have that. Not sure if I'll have any ham.
2 piece of desert.
So far Daisy got her ball toss twice today. She still chases it fairly face. One thing I notice she wears out. Reminder there is a link on right hand side of blog called "Dasiy Teeth Cleaning"
Start to reply to those who wrote to me. Just got one out in our mail box heading to SWEET HOME OREGON
Still need to pay for our rig insurance. 6 months at $255, and the other one is for my last mamogram and I owe the hospital $60.
The only month bill still waiting for is our gas bill.

Coffee is on


  1. I am glad I am not counting my calories this weekend, they would be very, very high!

  2. Dinner with the family ... Enjoy yourself!

  3. my printer causes me a lot of grief but it's a necessary evil.

  4. 3 appetisers
    5 main course
    2 pieces dessert

    Can you explain that more?
    it seems like you're eating three serves of appetisers, then five main courses (that's a LOT of food) and then two desserts.
    Or is this a serve yourself buffet style with five different meat choices? Because that would make more sense.

  5. Taxes, cleaning... I should do that, too, but, alas, I just can´t!

  6. Hari OM
    Like River, I found myself wondering if I needed a conversion factor for the food!!! Regardless, hope you are having a grand day. YAM xx

  7. I just today (today is Easter) got an invite to go for an Easter dinner. Turned it down. I already made plans to be on my own today.

    Perhaps in the future you could as the in-laws if they're planning something a week or so out. See if that gets you an invite sooner.


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