Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It Could Go Either Way

My youngest son Bart turn 26 yesterday and spend time in the emergency room. It start out he felt dizzy, trouble with gross motor skills, and vomiting.
So first they went to what they call urgent care and thought he need to be seen by someone at local emergency room doctor.
So an MRI was ordered. Well they found a very tiny tumor in right frontal lobe. Well when I heard the term tumor and known it would be a wide range of possibility and treatments.
But still I became depress and worried over it. This morning he need to call some type of specialist and I would guess it would be a Neurologist.

Took the pick in and it been running a little ruff. And Murphy start more seeds. I know one was pomodore tomatoes.
Let see I can recall two other type of seed he start leeks and broccoli.
As I've mention Liz been down in Utah, and I been taking care of her place. And she will be returning this Friday evening, and I'm picking her up.
I'm ready to get back to work full time.

When we took the pick up in. It was before Breakfast and stop in at the deli in Super One. So both us had 1/2 pound of Breakfast Casserole.
Not sure what the calorie count. But I'm going to take away 300 calories. So my fitday food count will be 1672

Both my client gets or qualify for the state disability program. Usual every state has one. Since I'm here in Idaho. I thought it was $75 a month, well found out it is $53 a month. I use to understand there math how they figure it out, and now I don't.
Well most people I've taken care of gets in the $30 range.
A few I've known calls this there non food fund. They purchase dish soap, laundry, toilet paper, and even get a roll of quarters for laundry.
I did a expensive tracker and budget for the up coming month of May, on my bullet journal. One of the category was non food. So thinking I would use the figure of $75 times 2 which equal $150 for hubby and I on non food items.
But for June I'm going to try it at $106 for non food items.

Coffee is on


  1. Wow, so sorry about your son. I hope it turns out to be a minor health scare and he's returned to full health soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about your son. Hoping that he feels better soon and that whatever the problem is, it can be taken care of.

  3. Sorry to hear about your son.

  4. Sending good thoughts for your son. My older daughter is 26, I can't imagine how I'd feel if she were ill.

  5. That is horrible news. Fingers and toes crossed it´s benign.
    Oh, how I hate this darn... all the very best wishes for your son! xx

  6. Sorry to hear about Bart's health issues. I know absolutely nothing about the treatment for brain tumors. One always thinks the worst when their child has a problem, we can only hope that this can be resolved quickly.

    If it weren't for the dog food and bird seed, I imagine we spend about $100 for shampoo, toilet paper, and other non-food items. The number seems reasonable.

  7. Try to work the budget for $100 for non-food items, then if you do get $106, you can save the difference towards another month when you might need extra of something, or put it towards Daisy's teeth cleaning.
    Sorry to hear about your son, hopefully the tumor can be easily treated and is benign.

  8. Sending positive wishes for you and your family.
    Both my father and nephew have lived (are still living) for many years with tumors.

  9. Hari OM
    Yuk - not the birthday news one expects... will keep in thought and prayer.

    Budget targets are definitely worth working out; I know from experience that all too often in modern society we think we are 'short', when really it is just that we don't necessarily have all the excess. The basics which are the essentials of life can generally be managed. Not easily, but managed nonetheless. You strike me as being a good 'manager' Dora! YAM xx

  10. So sorry to hear about your Son Dora, will send lots of positive vibes from Perth for a good outcome. Good luck with your budget, I'm hopeless at budgets even though I do really try ☺

  11. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Hope your son is feeling better soon. Good luck with the budget. I wish I had some tips but I am bad at balancing the books myself. Take care.

  12. So sorry to read about your son, sending thoughts and prayers.

    All the best Jan


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