Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Now now

Came home yesterday morning, Monday the 27 from visiting my son Sawyer and Betty in Medford Oregon I was total dead brain.
Got up a little after 3 in morning, and I operate on pacific time zone. First flight was out of Medford at 5 AM, and caught the first flight out of Portland Oregon, at 6:40, to Spokane.
Plus it was a smooth flight home and good tail wind.

Breakfast...Pancake, with strawberries and peanut butter. Side of link sausage.
Lunch...Cream of Broccoli soup, and roll
Dinner...ground beef patty, asparagus, and mac n cheese
Good Snack...orange
Naughty food...cream cheese cake, salsa and chips. One could say salsa is good for you. Then a small lemon cup cake, and kids ice cream cone.
Better list the candies I ate

Back to work and paying bills. Drove out to take care of our internet bill, and the company wasn't open. So Murphy will have to drive out there.
Murphy driving liaison expired on his last birthday November 27. As he was taking care of that I ran some errands.

Little bit of time with Regis and Cindy helping her get ready to go to Salt Lake City. Her and daughter is going to the Mormon CONFERENCE Hope she enjoy and gains some positive from it.

Still having photo issue and on the way back I'll try to stop in at a computer type store when I'm in Courd'Alene area and hopeful they have something.

Did have a wonderful time visiting my children. One thing I did took Boo the dog for walks and notice that in some yards they had this sign.
Around my neck of the woods it would get cross burning in your yard.
Ate out a few times and did try JASPERS well worth it.
My children is doing BLUE APRON and they did up two meals from the recipe cards. One was a chicken enchiladas, and the other is pasta dish.

Also they, talking about Sawyer and Betty start the paper work to adopt a child. Lot of paper work to adopted and there willing to take in an older child.
I wish I wrote down a few a question, actual there some deep thought question to answer.
Had a wonderful time. Boo didn't win her contest. But now offering a RAINY DAY BANDANA And stuck back anther $20 for Daisy there is a link on the right hand side of my blog “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”
Then also placing $20 in anther can for my up coming ceramic business.

 But it always nice to be back home again. I know John Denver usual does this song but I like how WOODY WRIGHT does it.

Coffee is on


  1. Long time fan of John Denver here, I love that song. The version you posted sounds great, too.

    Glad you had a good visit with the family.

  2. Good that you made it home in one piece!
    1/2 c. salsa equals 1 vegetable. Yum!

  3. Welcome back. And oh my, those were early flights! ;O

  4. Diversity must always be celebrated!

  5. I'm glad you had a nice time away. I like that sign, I agree with the tolerance theme of it. We all need to get along, no matter what we look like or where we come from.

  6. Hari OM
    You act out your tolerance and Love 'sign' Dora, that's what makes the difference. Glad you had a good trip, nice to have you back! YAM xx

  7. The sign is good. Make a stand and plant one in your front garden. Maybe where you live is not so bad if you scratch beneath the surface.

  8. Glad to read your trip home was a good one. And that you had a good time with your children and BOO.

  9. Getting away is nice, but getting back home is better. Glad you had a good trip.

  10. Yep, here in Oklahoma a sign like that would not be welcome. But then again, a few years ago my wife decided to give up red meat for a while. I got asked a lot, "How long has she been a vegetarian?" I thought it was hilarious.

    My parents met near Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, and my mother worked in Spokane at Gonzaga University way back when (back before it was cool).

  11. Great to hear that you had a wonderful trip way back home. Everywhere else is good but home is always HOME SWEET HOME.

    Love Ashon


  12. Glad you had a safe trip...

    Always nice, to be back home.


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