Friday, March 10, 2017

Not Sure If These Are Top Two Things

Over the weekend I won't put in Links for BOO (first dog with blue scarf) or DAISY. For me it still Friday.

Eating and got more movement in today. Wind, rain, and sunshine. I'm not a big one on rain. But it helps the snow go away.
Morning time I did get on the tread mill.
Breakfast...Steel cut outs.
Lunch....bowl spinach soup
Dinner...salad and shrimp fettuccine.

Unknown snack...graham cracker with peanut butter.

Will blog and enjoy your evening.


  1. We had a gully washer last night, and tomorrow - they are forecasting - Snow!

  2. Ewww, you still have snow?! We were lucky this winter, just a wee bit of snow. Hate it when I have to drive...

  3. I tried steel cut oats once and didn't like the texture. I'm used to rolled oats, so that's what I will stick with.

  4. Oats are a food my body can't tolerate:( sigh! Keep moving.

  5. For some reason I never liked oatmeal, in any form.

    We got about 3 inches of snow yesterday. Not happy.

  6. I wish I had room for a tread mill. I would like it for my dog to exercise on those
    cold and blustery days when I don't want to go out.

    Do you use it for your dogs?

  7. ..hello Dora .... thanks for visiting me ... I hope you will again.. xxxx
    your dinner sounds wonderful ..
    I don't get snow where I live in Australia ...
    have a lovely weekend ..
    Barb ............


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