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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Down or Up The Yellow Brick Road.

Been busy last few days haven't had the time to post. Wednesday morning I got Liz off to her trip Salt Lake City, and that evening I went to general meeting for our pagan group, Spairfitera.

One thing we did was the AURA Each of us drew our self on piece of paper. Had color pencils and marker and had to shut our eyes and put in our colors.
Marked our CHAKRA as I only did 4 of mind.
Yellow is color that makes me thirsty. Blue make me feel bright. Green and Brown makes me feel in tune with nature.
I found it interesting, and in four months I believe we will do it again.

Got a little bit more movement today.
Breakfast...bacon, potatoes, and eggs.
Lunch...Clam chowder, avocado, yogurt, and chicken....Thinking about going back to four items but the amount a little much.
Dinner...Fish, corn with peppers, and rice.

Toss the red ball and actual could be in yard. Snow went fast. Check two of the flower bed. Tulips are popping up.
Now for the red ball it Daisy favor thing. Just a friendly reminder there is a link on the right hand side called “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”

Since Liz in Utah and my hours been cut in half. It gives me opportunity to get some project done around here.
Start to clear off my dresser. Took a bag of clothes to the thrift store, and found a few items that can be used as rags.
Hopeful a few things I seem I can't find will show up. I won't list them because I know when I see them.
I'll say “Gee that were that went” I know I won't get everything done before Liz is back.

Coffee is on


S. J. Qualls said...

So your snow is gone now, that's good. There are times when I wish I had planted a bulb garden when we first moved in. It would have been pretty about now. Sigh ...
Can't imagine what the color of my aura is, probably black, Ha Ha!

songbird's crazy world said...

I'd love to see pictures of your tulips when they bloom

Lady Fi said...

Interesting to learn about colours and feelings.

Belva said...

It always feels rewarding to take bags to the thrift store.

River said...

I don't know what colours I would put for my feelings, yellow makes me feel warm and sunny, blue makes me think of oceans, green makes me think of trees, but those aren't really feelings, unless they all count as making me feel happy.

Liz A. said...

I thought yellow was the color of education and knowledge, so you're thirsty for knowledge? That's third chakra, right? I remember green is heart, blue is throat, and purple is crown, but I can't keep the "lower" ones straight.

Alice Audrey said...

You can eat bacon and still lose weight? Boy, not me. I've gained 20 pounds in the last six months.


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