Friday, March 03, 2017

Double Step

Might as well oil the squeaky wheel. Still trying to drum up a $10 donation for Daisy go fund me page. There is a link on the right hand side of blog..."Daisy Teeth Cleaning" and funds are possible for other up coming vet bills for an older dog...I match donations.

There was a question ask over on a local face-book group asking what it like here in Boundary county.I guess these people are considering moving to our area out of Portland Oregon.Last thing I want to give the impression I was a cry baby...But here is what I said....Super nice and friendly people....But if your a liberal or have an progressive thoughts....It hard to fit in...both my son left the area one went to Spokane and the other went to Medford because wages here is on the low side...With a good retirement one will do fine here....I was born here...But the best thing is our people...We all have time to say "Hello and hope your day is going good"...
Question time...How would you sell the area you live in 

Work been a little stressful. To much emotional  turmoil between Regis and Liz. And some how I let my self get suck in.
I'm draw a line in the sand..."Stop it, I want no part of this bullshit"
I had plan to take Regis over to the Mormon service on Sunday.  Liz is a Mormon and I figure there now a good chance that Regis that he has something under hand up his sleeve. 
Since Lance been here. Regis been out of control in so many ways...Suddenly he want to attend the church service with the Mormons and he can't stand there faith.
Confession time....I have curious about there service. 
But like most Christian faith there doctorate and I don't see eye to eye.

If you haven't had chance to vote for my grand puppydog. BOO and poop in a winter wonderland.  

Eating hasn't been easy. To much stress and I just hope food will calm me down. But I'm trying to be aware what I stick in my mouth.
Breakfast...French toast with peanut butter and strawberries on top. And sausage patty.
Lunch...chips, and slice of cheese.
Other...Regis took me to bakery up past the three mile. I had a cookie.
Did some time on the tread mill.

I got more joyful things plan for tomorrow. Not saying the day will be perfect. Since I mess up on cutting a piece of fabric for my lap quilt. I'll replace the piece either before or afterward from meeting Colleen at UNDER THE SUN.
She going to give me some flyer for our up coming "Earth Base Faith" BS time. Which is the 11th.
Since I'm going to Montana Monday I'll post some on the way.
And also I'll be drawing my weekly tarot card...


  1. Hey, thanks for the cup of coffee! And thank you for coming to call in Caneyhead! How would I sell Caneyhead to outside folk? I don't know if that is really possible. Caneyhead is an old community in a relatively young state. The people are warm and welcoming, but there are unspoken boundaries that most outsiders don't know or understand. (Like never go in a man's home if he is not there, unless you are a woman or her close kin.) The few who do buy in to property here when they have the chance is to be in the woods, the country. Anyway, drop back by any time, you are always welcome!
    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  2. My brain is a little dusty tonight, I can't think of anything wonderful about my area right now.
    I hope you find just the right fabric to replace the 'Oops!'

  3. How would I sell my area? For myself I would rather be much closer to the beach, but for anyone asking, it's mostly a quiet neighbourhood, with regular buses on either of the main roads going to the city. the nearby hotel has plenty of entertainment plus a "sports" bar with three big screen TVs showing the football, cricket and tennis, whichever sport season it is. Lots of trees and small parks, a local 'market day" once a month. It's nice here.

  4. As a liberal, it is hard to fit in here in Kentucky as well - but thankfully I do have a circle of progressive friends :)

    I would sell my area as having the best hiking around!

  5. Small town America. It is probably similar in Australia, to a lesser extent but some country areas can be very progressive. I guess your town has a good share of Trumpet voters, who will become even more disillusioned when he turns out to have done nothing for them. You know the saying, it is better to die young and beautiful than old and plain. Maybe for Trumpet it will be a case of better to be quickly impeached than break people's dreams of what he promised to do for them.

  6. It´s always good to live in a place where people still greet each other - I do, too. Yesterday I little girl I don´t know greeted me passing by on her bike :-)

  7. How would I sell my area? I would talk about pretty suburban neighborhoods with good schools, close to good shopping, the beach and lots of parks, not to mention it's a short ride to the city and all the culture the city offers. I would talk about the multiculturalism that pervades my community.

  8. sunny here today but some fool at the weather office is predicting snow tonight and tomorrow. i would like to move to the tropics after this winter.

  9. I would say Perth is a pretty laid back kind of city, much more so than Sydney or Melbourne.. smaller population I guess. You are encouraging me to get back to the treadmill Dora.. maybe tomorrow ☺

  10. My neighborhood in Helena is like Mayberry, USA. Neighbors helping neighbors and mostly keeping politics to ourselves, even though this is the capital of Montana.

    The gal who delivered my chicken feed put it right in the bins for me because my arm was still in a cast.
    I wanted to pay her for all the extra effort but she would not take a cent. She just said, " This is Helena."

  11. I don't know if I'd try to sell my area to outsiders. It's not like we're hard to find. With a population of 460,000-ish, we don't really need more people.


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