Monday, February 13, 2017

Wagon Wheel Might Be Fix

Breakfast....steal cut oats, banana, and raisins
Lunch....cheese sandwich, and chicken leg
Dinner....pork chops, mac n cheese, and salad with ranch dressing.
naughty food...pepperoni stick

Since my cold is over 95% gone I put on my cleats. Drove to Bonners Ferry park in Larson Parking lot. Decide to walk down the ally though our little town sq the uare. Believe it called Georgia Mae Plaza.

Mostly the whitish wall I thought it would be great place to put a mural. The building up for sale. Once it was a place to buy stationary like items.
With computer and all that now. It was a good little place to get a few stickers, color markers. and such.
The owner just want to retire.
But now I see the building is up for sale, and listing price is $150,000.

The other side would be possible anther place to put a mural. But me personal I like the bricks. I just can't picture any type of mural there.

Work went well. This morning I went down to Liz and she doing fine. Briefly talk about Regis and she going to talk to her Therapist about how to approach the subject. Which will be Tuesday afternoon.
The last thing is anyone ought to be made a fool of..

See Regis is INFATUATED with Liz. I'm even affraid he might even harm him self.
Hopeful her therapist can get a handle on it.
So later on in day I went over to Regis we went shopping and I sort though his jeans.

The other day I wash Daisy stuff elephant which she wasn't please. But still have a Go Fund me account it on the right hand side of blog, "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

Weigh in tomorrow morning. As for past week I felt like I did pretty good. Hate to say it but being sick help.
I can only take things like benadryl for a short time. Usual I end up with up set stomach and diarrhea.
No fun!!!
So having that sick spell I still believe I did ok.
If I keep this focus on my health I should loosing weight or a lease feel better.

Start to cut out some more strips of aqua for the locker hook rug I been working on.

Coffee is on


  1. We do what we can to keep ourselves healthy and active.

  2. Glad to hear you are getting better.Being sick is no time to think about the diet, since most medicines are better taken with a small amount of food, like the Benadryl, half a small sandwich first, then the Benadryl and probably no upset stomach or other nasty side effects.

  3. I seem to eat more when I'm sick, even the flu.
    I wouldn't put a mural on the brick wall, either, too nice.
    Had a suspicion about Regis.
    Pretty fabric!

  4. Glad you're on the mend!
    Nice to see snow - we didn't have enough this year.

  5. It's a nice looking building and you are right about a mural on the brickwork. It seems quite cheap at $150,000.

  6. That is a nice brick wall.

  7. crikey ... mum and I are sure glad you're feeling better. Good luck with the weigh in. Mum liked the look of that brick wall and all the snow too. So pretty!!


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