Tuesday, February 28, 2017

There Need to Be

Before I get into the nitty gritty of troubles of moving forward in my dreams. I want to mention that my son and his wife sat up a new site called WOOF WEAR AND COMPANY still doing bandanna for our fur friends.
$10 donation would place "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" over $650 and there is a link on the right side of blog. Below "Things To Click On" remember I match donations.

It been a while since I mention about having a ceramic studio. And the going on with it. It moving at turtle pace. a slow one at that.
I have two tins and on my pay day I stick $20 in it. One is for Daisy.
But the other one is for ceramic supplies to run a business. Some thing I will need is RUBBER BANDSSTOPPERSSOME POTTERY TOOLSBRUSHESPAINTSHALF HORSE POWER MOTOR and such.
I didn't even mention the construction part of it.
Don't know how many of you went to "Woof Wear" and read there "About Us" my son gives his wife moral support.
I don't real have any moral support. I can't honestly say there been no negative words toward re-opening a ceramic studio.
I don't have my head in the sand about the financial end of it. That why I still work. My husband social security is $669 a month. If you want to look the value of in your currency, CLICK HERE.
So that the reason I pretty much work full time. We could live on $669 and if life went smoothly and I know that not happening.
So for those little bumps in life and things.
See when I become 60. Planning to cut my hours down to 18 hours a week.
Run my ceramic shop something like...
Tuesday 6PM to 9PM
Wednesday 12PM to 3PM
Thursday 9AM to 12PM
and continue working less hours. I was going to cut back 12 hours but the CHANGES in social security.
I was born in 1960. If I take my retirement at 62 I would loose 30% of my retirement. I will sign up once I hit over 65 and before 68. It will be more.
So for the ceramic shop would be something I enjoy and to bring in some extra income. I would guess in today dollars running shop part time gross income will be about $150.00 a week, and all business has there cost of operational. Which I sort of figured.
No one know when, will, or how much a raise I will get at this point if everything stay the same working the 18 hours a week and the $150.00 the gross income weekly will be
At this point $373.75, and most of it would be from job wages.
If I operated ceramic studio more hours I doubt the income would be any more or less.
But there still small things I can do toward the shop. Getting my self in better shape so I can handle those molds better, also get rid of that one pile in our basement...It been agreed that if yard sale doesn't happen before snow flies late in 2017 like in October. The items are going to the thrift store. There not being store year after year.
Plus instead of grumble and gripping about the shop and work. I could do up a few piece, try to sell them on line, or do some local craft show.
Before I head out to local craft show I would need a lot more inventory.
I do have plans to have a ceramic shop and yes I wish I could just quite my job and open the shop. Life just isn't that way for me.

As for eating it was my naughty day and I did mange to get in a little more walking the usual.

Coffee is on


  1. If you make money from your ceramic shop eventually, will that have any impact on your retirement? Will they count it as income and reduce the retirement amount by any amount of dollars?
    Here in Australia pensioners are allowed to earn a certain amount per week before the government reduces the amount of pension.
    Our age pension is quite a good amount, (if you don't want to live the high life and sail around the world every year)and can be easily lived on without hardship unless you are an alcoholic or a smoker. Cigarettes here are very, very expensive now, the government is trying to stop people smoking.
    I need to remember to apply for my age pension soon, I turn 65 later this year.

  2. You could always do a GoFundMe for ceramics shop supplies ;)

    Have you ever considered putting some items up on Etsy? Or some similar site. It might be a way to pull in some extra income.


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