Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Only Spring Here Is Not Looking Out Your Window

Did two cards  up.I send cards though snail mail. Does any one recall having pen pals? Decided to send some spring like cards to two of my pen pals one in Michigan and the other in Oregon.

I under state late on Wednesday quite a bit of rain is coming this way. Snow could shrink quite fast. But then there could be flash floods.

Weigh happen today. Maintain!!! After I list what I had then I'm going to tell you what hopeful my simple plans to get this weight off.
Breakfast....BLT sandwich.
Lunch....Kale and potato soup
Dinner...ground beef patty, with potato and Mushroom gravy. Also Carrots
Good food...Apple
Naughty food...Italian Cream Cake.
So here is my plans or the area I need to work on. Those bad habits.
Let take the naughty food. Everyone loves them but they all ways don't love you back.
So one day week Tuesday after weigh in. I'm going to allow my self and extra bit of naughty food.
Not saying I won't have naughty food. But I sure can be more aware what I stick in my mouth.
Two other places I fall short is my water consumption and general movement.
Now I need a plan on what to do. In every since of word. I sure not going to do a marathon of any type.
But I sure could increase my steps up to over 6000 daily. Actual my daily steps are about 4,000 steps. Some day more or less.
Not big fan of cold water. If it heat I do much better.

Talking about weight lost. Confession time...I never been a fan of shopping. Mostly clothing it actual makes me depress to the point of crying.
But I dream what it would be like to wear a size 12. So I will look at all the size 12. Usual in the thrift store. Those place you fine the coolest stuff.
Even being over weight I have curves. Take my top half...tops...well here what goes on if I can get the shoulder to fit then if it blouse I can't button it across the boobs.
Well then it fits though the boobs and then it so big in the shoulder. It looks like I could put on the foot ball shoulder pads and be line man for a pro football team.
Now for length of me. I have short legs. No I don't have those long model legs. But for pant length I take a small or a petite. But I stand 5'6.
So I have a good size booty.
When it comes to pants. If I can get over my hips then at time it so big in the waist area.
It seem like woman who should be wearing long legs pants must have bigger booties. I've tried on those pants and I could use them as flippers there so much longer then my feet even.

I would be horrified to wear any of these piece. I would be so afraid  I would fall out. I have no desire to show off any of my boobs.
Mostly men when I feel there just looking at my boobs and not who I am. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Like I have no thought or opinion.

If I have to try on clothes. I will only take six or less items. Usual I can only handle the disappointment of three items. The odds are those three piece won't fit me. If I take in three or more and none fit me. I become horrible depressed.
To there tears in my eyes

Still got Daisy page set up there a link on the right hand side of blog, Daisy teeth cleaning. taking Liz for her appointment with HUD.

Coffee is on


  1. I have no bootie and I am long legged, so most pants I have to get slim size and if they fit in my waist, too baggy in the thighs, seat and legs.
    As for my top? Lord Love a Duck!!!!!!! Got more than anyone needs up there.

  2. I have clothes problems too. I'm overweight and only five feet tall. Australian size 16. So when I buy pants to fit around me, they are always too long in the leg which isn't a big problem as I can take up the hems, but they are also too long from waist to crotch and that's a big problem because I can't adjust them. My best option is to buy hipster jeans and shorts because then the waist to crotch measurement is shorter so they fit better.
    I don't like to show off my boobs either, but so many ladies t-shirts and other pull on tops are cut so low, and again from shoulder to ribs, I'm shorter length than normal taller people would be if they were my size around. So a t-shirt that would have a neckline on mid-chest for them shows off too much cleavage for me.

    Those Italian cream cakes are so delicious, I have trouble eating just one.

  3. Cute dresses. Not for me though, I don't remember the last time I wore a dress. I do like dressy slacks and soft blouses or sweaters though.

    I hope you don't have flooding, but a warm-up will probably be most welcome.

  4. Cards looks beautiful. Both the dress looks pretty:)

  5. I just noticed your quote above. Love it!

  6. i wear "women's" sizes because I am 60 pounds overweight. I am also very short, and constantly buy pants that need to be hemmed. "Women's petite" would be a better length, but it doesn't fit me, the waistband usually winds up around my hips. And like you, if I find something that fits in the shoulders, it's too tight across the bust. Sigh.

  7. I think most of us have the same problem Does.. too many naughty treats in between meals, my weakness is chocolate ☺ Sometimes I think we will never be happy with ourselves, I'm a size 12 and really want to be a size 10, we can't win ☺☺

  8. @PerthDailyPhoto; an Australian size 12 is the same as an American size 10 so you can be happy about that. I remember this because when I was a 12 I bought a swimsuit with a size tag that read Aus 12, USA 10.

  9. Once I started shopping in the plus size stores exclusively, I stopped having trouble finding clothes. If the other places can't be bothered to stock stuff for me, they lose my business. There are some good stores online that have our sizes. And they have way bigger sizes too. Makes me feel almost svelte.

  10. Thanks for popping over to my blog. Lovely to "meet" you. I love that you still have pen pals. I had many as a child/teenager all over the world, but have lost touch with them over the years. Maybe that is why I love blogger so much because you have that contact with people from all over the world, and build up friendships.


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