Saturday, February 25, 2017

Now Look Here It's Not Noon Or Is It

My Grand Puppydog is in contest called...POWDER HOUND PHOTO CONTEST ....her name is Boo...and her theme is...Poopin a Winter Wonderland” although the pages keep changing...Right now she on page 9 and I will keep editing or posting her new page in comment section. 

My daughter in law is running a contest though Go Fund Me and this is the contest....It's almost march! And that means spring!! Start out this new season with a donation for puppers and meows looking for their forever home. For every ten dollars you donate to our Go Fund Me page for Southern Oregon Humane, we will give you a $5 off coupon (off your order of $6 or more) to spend at Woof Wear! We may even have a drawing for a free toy from barkbox ? You can get dog bandanas, leashes, collars & catnip toys for your own special fur baby.
If your interested in a special BANDANA well made and quickly send out.

Ms Daisy still could use a teeth cleaning. Although I need help paying for a teeth cleaning and possible some other up coming vet bills.
She and older dog in good health. $TEN dollar donation will put it over $Six hundred and fifty dollars. I will match the $ten donation or any others, up to $Fifty dollars.
So with $ten match it would bring Daisy account up to $Six hundred Sixty Six dollars.

Got last three bills paid for the month. The natural gas $69.41, health insurance $77.12, and payment of $80.00 on the credit card.
Just waiting for my paycheck. I'm little confuse on how my hours will be.
One week I didn't get in my assign hours of 30, because I took a little time off.
So I'm estimating my check will be about $550 give take five either way.
One thing I will do is take two twenty and put one toward Daisy and the other one toward my ceramic shop.

Weekly card in tarot deck is eight of swords. One of the key words is "Restricted." Question time....which restricted have you put on your self.
For me this is difficult card. Being trap in one self can lead into a night mare. But we choose to trap our self a lot time.
Statement time...what do we need to let go off.
But the flip side of coin for me I need and should intake of sugary treats so I can loose weight.
We all hold the key to our life. Although the keys may not be known of where there at. So we can not move in the direction we want or need to go.

Pretty quite day here. Once again I will try to get my paper mess under-control. Sure I can fine things to around here.
Like clean the bathroom sink, vacuum, mop, laundry and such. But no promise what will get done.

Coffee is on


  1. Boo is such a pretty dog!
    Oh, there are always things to do. They will still be there - ready whenever we are - or not! Haha.

  2. Interesting what the Tarot said ...

  3. Boo looks nice in his bandanna collection.
    Having a quiet day here too. It's Sunday and I never do much on Sundays.

  4. Such a cute doggie with the bandana on or cute without I'm sure.

  5. Hello, Boo is adorable. I hope Ms Daisy will be able to get her teeth cleaned. I wish I could let go of sugar. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  6. I love the portrait of Boo!!!

  7. Bootiful Boo! How sweet he is all dressed up there 😊 As far as restrictions go Dora, it's definitely restricting junk food and the other is being more productive with my time!

  8. Great picture of Boo. Love the bandana.


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