Sunday, February 12, 2017

Now I'm Heniz 57 today

Year older and I did a BIRTHDAY LAY OUT out with the tarot cards. Not going though the entire reading.
But my first card I got was the tower which means possible upheaval and or change. By your choice and some time not.
Although since Liz Hubby return on the scene. I often wonder what my job future with her is.
Wednesday I'll be taking her to Courd'Alene to see them about SECTION 8 and or maybe some other housing programs.
Not sure how easy it will be to fine a place here that except section 8.

A single wide mobile home here will rent for $400 to $500. If it under $300 usual you'll make it utilities.
Then if it over $500 it been well kept and it might even be more energy efficient.
But the people I've taken care there income is about $750.
Right now Liz pays $400 for her cabin rent, and her utilities runs I would say $150 a month. So that gives her $150 to cover the rest of monthly living.
So once she gets help on her rent, and get back on SNAP which will help her a lot.

Question time...I wonder if Liz would be better off in anther community?  The reason there not much here for the low income, except people here will help each other out. Or the large community has better service.
So with the tower usual something will happen.

I been mainly working on my mom mother side the Shirley. But a lot of info been popping up on my 2nd great uncle Theodore. Found out he had his last child a girl born in Michigan. Her name was Jeannie well she married a guy by the last name of Hickox. But what I find interesting that one of the witness was William Witherell. Now I'm curious who this William Witherell is.
This is taking place in southwest corner of state of Michigan.
Haven't yet ran into first cousin marrying yet.
Like Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who was first cousin.

Off to watch Victoria.

Coffee is on


  1. Happy Birthday, Dora! I'd like to be 57! Enjoy! :)

    Won't there be a problem if Liz husband is living with her? She'll have to tell them.

  2. happy Birthday!! I remember being 57, a while ago now. My next birthday is 65, yikes! I'm getting old *~*
    I hope Liz's husband isn't going to be a problem when it comes to housing.

  3. A very happy birthday, Dora. May you have many more. I thought Heinz 57 was an Australian thing, clearly not.

  4. Happy birthday, my "Heinz 57" is coming up on Saturday.

    I hope you get to do something special to celebrate your birthday.

  5. Happy birthday, Youngster. Heinz 57 was a long time ago for me.

  6. 57? I'm old enough to be your mother!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy birthday. And The Tower? *shudders* I do not like that card. Not at all. It scares me.

  8. you got it made man!

    the first 57 years are the hardest, welcome to easy street.


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